Horse, Priymuk Sergey (3D)


Title: Horse
Name: Priymuk Sergey
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray

Devoted to the valorous aquanauts :slight_smile:
Cousteau forever!

mesh :

Background of the picture - Paint Effects, Light Fog, fishes etc. were rendered with Maya Software Render.
The seahorse was rendered with MentalRay. Shader of the horse is a mix of two shaders: MegaTK used for fast and clear blur refraction & misss fast simple maya for SSS effect.
The final image was assembled in Photoshop with the help of Alpha channel, DOF and Aperture Glare - also Photoshop on ZDepth channel.


Nice pic, its funny and good looking:thumbsup:
My only crit is that you shouldnt have cropped monster, destroys a bit of the impression.


Very funny:) Nice!


woaw. thats fantsatic. Nice idea.


It is a funny idea and a great work … :wink:


I like the colors. Like the seehorse skin. Very refreshing piece of work. Great job.


HAHAHAHA! Sensational!!! :smiley:


very nice idea.Very funny.
i like it.good luck.

Hamed katebi


That’s the most beutiful and impessing works I have ever seen.

Very interesting idea.I love this image.



Very cool design and idea. What’s throwing me off is the coral in the background since it is to scale with the seahorse… if it is supposed to be a giant sea horse then the red coral should be quite small or it just kills the illusion that the sea horse is huge.


I like alot good job!! Maya mental ray


Your imagination very well!!
I like it


That is amazingly cute!! Great job!


Great work on the colors, u got them right. i like your style…


ROTFL! I’m crying that is so funny, The expresion on it’s face is just so great!

The composition might be a little busy and may be confusing at first glance, but that is minor. Just something you might want to think of in the future.


Great pic! dig the expression on the “horse”!


its very nice work
and a good idea


Cool picture! Such a dramatic story (I have a goose skin)

My thread here


Hah. :slight_smile: Russian art is the best. And this made me giggle, very nice idea :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for your comments, advises and crits! :slight_smile:

GemoRat, it had a rugged life, but I promise that new branches will grow soon :slight_smile:

SNoWs, it is just a fairy-tale, where you can find giant seahorses and huge corals and little people, as well:)
In such a confusion of the scales there is an intrigue, that allows audience to think out the own variant of the development of story

komsa, I’m almost sure that the valorous aquanauts will find a way out of the situation :slight_smile:

bitBrain, thank you, but I think, that the art has no borders and nationalities