Horrorfiction and a fantasy movie



I’m a 26yr old Norwegian man, that’s got a few projects I’d like to realize, but need more ppl with 4D skills…


The first project “NINE PEAKS” will be based upon a comicnovel I did about a year ago.
For this, I need ppl who can make a few characters and old moody western buildings.

The STORY: Ionah, our ‘hero’ is working in museum of cultural history, and is sent to the ghost town “Nine peaks” to assess the situation before the rest of his crew arrives. The town was originally founded by an ancestor of his, which was the head of a cult. The plot evolves from there.


The other project “DEMON IDOL” is an idea that has evolved for a long time, for this, I need characters, environments, monsters. The main chars are developed.
I need a lot of monsters, much like in ‘Vagrant story’, i.e wraiths, ghosts, gargoyles, dragons, stuff like that. There is room for ppl with ideas here…

Briefly about the PLOT: A small crew is being assembled to take back the demon idol, stolen from the king during wartime. The Idol contains a special demon that can not be unleashed (guess what happens??). the full story has many twist and turns, where the main twist is that the demon is but a diversion for the bad guys to get even with some of the crewmembers…

A lot of this is still under development, but the plot and a few key scenes is already made. The main thing here, is that everyone is interested in making a good story of it!!.

PROJECT 3 - BHMC “bullet holes motor club”

A futuristic roadmovie with a lot of action, hovercrafts, bar brawls, and good fun. Will post pics later.

If it turns out real good, we can put them out as (pay per view) webisodes, or through other channels. No matter what, it’ll be a real nice thing to put on your reel.

If you’re interested, mail me at ink_rabid@hotmail.com and tell me what you can and want to do…

I’ll put up some images of what I got so far, so you’ll get an idea of what I’m thinking about.


Here’s some of my artwork:

And a bit more about “Demon idol”. When I say fantasymovie, I don’t mean D&D or any standard fantasy concept. This has to be inventive! For instance, my “oracle” character is a little girl with an octopus attached to her head (sounds weird - looks cool ), one of the main characters is a dwarf necromancer married to a 2m tall ghost etc. etc. So inventiveness is next to godliness…

!! Everyone who thinks they have something to contribute with, are welcome. !!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

I can be reached on MSN ID ink_rabid@hotmail.com.


As promised, here are a few pics of the project.
Karva is one of the main characters. He is a swordfighter of the Phoenix clan, and has a fire symbol all over his chest (not in this pic). Has special abilities concerning fire (ressurrection + immolation, burning sword).
The ghost is one of the group’s many helpers in the mission. It’s hard to see in pic, but there are stakes through his body… A kind of “crucified oracle” character.
Hope this sharpens your appetite:)


These are pics from my comicnovel, which the movie will be based on.


Here’s a pic of the town layout, very very WIP


Some more concept art, this time for demon idol.


I like the artwork, yet the story doesn’t seem very original to me…


Hi! I guess I’ll have to say a bit more about Demon idol, if you are to understand and appreciate it…

Without exposing the entire idea, I’ll mention a few things that should help you get the idea:

Firstly, the main character drowns halfway through the story (no recovery or ressurection).
There is an elite army of dead that helps the GGCrew.
The war that raged when the idol was stolen, was set up by the BGcrew.
There is a werewolf in the crew, which of course has sex with wolves (a theme for great debate in the GGCrew).
The women in the crew take charge, when the leader dies.
The squid oracle has a cult that follows it blindly, where they sacrifice themselves to become One with the “great squid”.

This is just a few points, so you can better evaluate the story and decide if you want to join in.


I’m just posting this to keep it on the boards.
Nine peaks has finally come out in album form, and we’re in negotiations about publishing it in Denmark:).


Hi all!

A small update:

Demon Idol storyboard is complete and being made as a comic novel as we speak, first part to be published some time before summer.


id love to help out, but i dont use cinima 4d ?


Hi again, most of us work in 3DS MAX, but export\import shouldn’t be a big problem. When we get proper teams, we’ll start a few forums and get stuff rolling…


Hi again, I’ve been cut off www for some time , but am back.

Not much has happened, but BHMC is on the move. The two main characters and their hoverbike is made, the main storyline is coming together, and a couple more ppl has joined.

I still need all the help I can get, thou.


Here are a couple of pics from the new project BHMC, should give you a small feel of what I’m going for…


Congrats on Demon Idol and the book man. Cant wait to see it.


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