Horor scene - modeling done


I was inspirated by H.R.Giger so I draw a sketch for my idea. I have finished modeling. I would like to know your notes abot this scene. Please some C&C. THX


very cool and creepy :slight_smile: No crits here… Can’t wait to see it textured!


wow really cool piece :slight_smile: can’t wait to see it textured!

crits: the hoses that are really small near the face and then get bigger as they move away look unnatural to me. It might be precisely what you want though. not a big deal, either way :slight_smile:

also… i’m not sure about that hole in the main hose coming from his mouth where the two smaller hoses go into it. The hole looks like it should adhere more tightly around hte smaller hoses… depends on the material stiffness though!

looking forward to seeing more on this :slight_smile: keep it up!!


THX, your comments are very usefull for me. Now I can show you textures test. Still working on.


coming along very nicely. you’re model captures the giger look well. my crit is that i think the textures could be even more grimy and dirty. also, the textures of the metal boxes have really sharp detail in the rust and scratches. but the tubes lack detail in the textures at this point. the focal points of the image should have more detail to draw the viewer in. i am immediately drawn to the nose and the cheek where the tubes come out. these spots don’t seem to fit with the rest of the face. the rest of it looks like flesh, but the nose looks like a plastic form instead of organic. if the nose and cheek felt more like tubes entering human flesh, i would have more of a reaction looking at the piece. it’s coming along great, you have a nice model there! :thumbsup:


really nice texturing!!

and its starting to scare me. i might not follow this thread anymore. i’m afraid i’m gonna have nightmares about probes and things in my face:P

great work!


so I have done some new enviroment modeling and added some textures…but there is still o lot of work


I have add some deatils like eyebrows a some new textures. Your comments are welcome :wink:


Wow I like it, Very pale skin too. Nice touch. Nice job so far. Only crit is the blood dosent look to real.


maybe you could try adding a black and blue (livid) colour around the places where there are wounds (just an idea - it would show the blood coagulated threre - or maybe some flesh and some cuts). I like a little specular on the tentacles.

A little more than Giger (I think he would’ve torture the guy with some metalic things :slight_smile: )

Good luck on finish it. :slight_smile:


Cool design it looks like something out of a H.R. Giger painting.


so THX for your comments. This is my results. Hope you like it. (in fact hope you dislike it :wink: )


Thats alot better


Wow You’re a freak !!! I think I’m going to throw up a little bit…

Seriously it’s really really great I like it a lot !!! No really crits there

I will love to see the wire of your scene…


THX, tommorow I will show the wire :wink:

CG219: THX :wink:


:applause: Very good modeling and the texturing is out of this world! I love horor and this image is worthy to be called horor lol. It’s good that you made the character look very exhausted from the pain he’s feeling. The image also looks very realistic. Keep it up tho I think you have finished.


Very very nice !

I am a big fan of Gieger and I think you have paid a nice tribute to him. This is actually the first piece I have seen in the Gieger style and I’ve been looking at a lot of boards.


After seeing this I think I wont sleep this night :scream:

Originally poster by Bonciu_Toma
A little more than Giger (I think he would’ve torture the guy with some metalic things! :slight_smile: )

A will also add some metal spike… but I also really like* as it is!

  • is very disgusting!! but I can’t stop watching it!


I must say that this freaks me out beyond all reason…
Seein’ as that’s what you were goin’ for, good job! Insanely scary… :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: As I promise, here is wire.