Horisontal toolbar?


I heard from someone that you can have the toolbar horisontally, but I can’t figure out how.
Anyone here knows?


In where? Photoshop?

mmm… never heard of that myself. And i’ve used the app since v3.
But maybe someone will come in and throw a pie in my face. Yeah never know with this program!



yes in photoshop…

maby its just he was just pulling a joke on me :/, would be nice tho’


Yes actually, i agree. That would be nice.
Something for the Adobe “wish list” i suspect. :wink:



Perhaps in cs2. :slight_smile:


Fully customizable butons would be cewl (diagonal toolbar, MmmmM)


You know what would be cool, that whe could select the hidden tools with the left and right arrow once whe hide the toolbar. You need to marque something with the eliptical tool just hit m and use the arrow key to toggle through the hidden tools.

That would be a time saver and a bigger screen to work with. :slight_smile:

Or is this already possible?


Or is this already possible?
Actually… yes, yes it is. :smiley:

Just hold the SHIFT key down while tapping the appropriate tool key. :wink:



Thanks! never knew that one. Such a time saver. :slight_smile:


WOW!..It works…but with the ALT key (Latinamerican keyboard maybe?). Anyway…great tip!


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