Hopper's Feb. '05 10 Sec. Club entry


Dear Enemy - Lip sync - Smooth - 919 kb - right click, save target as

ok, here’s a smoothed out version of this month’s 10 sec club with complete facial animation. it is pretty much complete i guess, with the exception of it not being rendered out.

i am trying to get better at my character acting, poses, facial animation, etc. please give me your harshest on this one please. i still have some time to make a few tweaks. thanks.


it is a good idea, but when he turns and walks you can’t see his mouth, so you loose some of the animation. maybe turn his head a little more towards the camera…?


I’m liking it. The only thing that really pops out at me is the squash and stretch. I think it may be a little much. Other than that, the timing seems good.


thanks guys.

kgaulin - yeah, i see what you mean. i changed it but it didn’t look right…looked like there was something wrong with his neck…i shoulda planned it better in the beginning to avoid that. i’ll know better next time.

jchristo - i kinda think the s & s may be a bit much too. my character isn’t properly rigged for proper s & s, i am just stretching out the entire character group. it might be generic, but it’s better than no s & s IMO.

well, it’s finished now. it’s pretty much the same as before, other than a slight costume change and the fact that it’s rendered out now.

here’s the final version, under 1 mb:



Hey Nice Work Dude…i like it.
Thank God ur character moves, i went thru many WIPs for FEB and very few do that.
Ya… just needed to adive if u can…

  1. Work on his expressions.
  2. When he says FALL OFF, make him aggressive n quick at that point. Flow wid the Dialogue.
  3. Try overlappin when the character takes his turns.

Lukin cool, gudluck !!


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