Hope U Was Good This Year, Green.7 (2D)


merry xmass


Hope he doesn’t try and come down my chimney! :surprised


very nice . :thumbsup: :beer:


Nice 1 !!! is he completely 3d??? Very good ! :bounce:




S novaia godina tavarish !!!:beer:

Man i wonder where are his deers ?

Very good work :applause:


This “santa” should appear in duke nukem forever! S nastupayushim! :beer:

Merry X-Mass to everybody!


thanx , same for u :slight_smile:


Is that a head in the bag?

OMG he killed santa :cry:.

Great work. Maybe a background. Maybe.


gifts taked away from kids :slight_smile:


Ñ íîâüiì ãîäîì!!! :bounce:
S novyjm godom from me also!

Really awesome!

I hear the … bells … ah Christmas… :buttrock: … nearly over!



He reminds on one character that says: “I’ll be back!!”:insane:


green.7, pozdravlyau - your santa is on the front page :slight_smile:


that’s funny, nice job.


Originally posted by bigbad
[B]Is that a head in the bag?

OMG he killed santa :cry:.

Thats what I thought at first too! :scream: :scream: :scream:
I’d had the piss scared outta me if that thing came down my chimney!

Great job with the image.



wow !
excellent work man, i thought it was 3d whne i saw the pics on the main page.



Some kind of Terminator-Xmas. I would like to see the non comic render. :bounce:


omg, are you trying to prove my brother right? He used to tell me that santa clause was actually robocop from the moon! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH runs away screaming


v v nice;)


I’ll be back…next year…:insane: