Hook, Marcel Laverdet (3D)


Title: Hook
Name: Marcel Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Carrara, Rhino, ZBrush

hello!.. I’ve always love the peter pan tales, and the myth of the litle boy who didn’t want to grow… with his “alter ego”, hook; of course the disney movie has been a great moment, but also the spielberg movie, which goes on a more symbolic approach… here, it’s just a (I hope) funny picture, with an old hook… modelled and textured in zbrush2, (background modelled in nurbs, by rhino), everything renderd in carrara 4 pro…


Another marcel hybrid. :thumbsup:


Hehe…Wow!! :smiley: Great Work…the extra “hook” hands in the bg are a nice touch. Keep it up- It’s always a joy to see your work!


excellent one marcel !! :thumbsup:
the face is amazing, his expression is great!!
ca manque peut-etre un peu de textures et de detail pour le fond tout le reste est parfait.
bravo bravo


i’m really impressed with the detail and look you got on the shirt sleeves…any chance you could show some of your workflow for that?


C’est Joli, c’etait merité pour la page d’acceuille. :thumbsup:


wow, this is very good :thumbsup: I love especially the clothes and the textures.



Nicely done! Well executed piece. The details are well done and the concept is smart. Really nice to see a Carrara image here, too!

One thing I’d suggest, though, is to take a little extra time to make his accessories unique. The repetition of the corkscrews and knive ends is pretty apparent.

Also, Hook’s pose is pretty static, as if he is posing for a painting, and those sorts of poses tend to look dead. He’s very straight-backed and looks as if he’s saying “look at my spoon!” Instead, maybe he can be leaning forward a bit and twist his wrist a bit so the spoon concavity isn’t facing the camera as much.
As a twist, maybe you should put a little unconscious Tinker Bell in his spoon, with her arms and legs draped over the sides of the spoon. Just a thought, although I know that’d be a lot of work.

Anyway, it’s looking very nice as is, I just think it can be pushed a bit more to give it additional power.
Keep posting those Carrara pix!



I like it very much. I love the clothes. Did you do any touches in zbrush ot this straight from carrara.


usually not a big fan of Carrara’s render engine, but hey, you pirate looks great man. Amazing face, great clothes, cool hooks. 4 stars “only” :thumbsup: cause I really don’t like the shelves and that blue light in the background :shrug:



Just excellent! :thumbsup:


Your attention to detail is outstanding. Awesome job.


amazing work,amazing style and execution.congrats,the colors are wonderful :applause::applause::applause:


I like the details especially on cloth. Great work :thumbsup:


simply amazing!!! and carrara too? WOW!!
a joy to view. keep it commin’!!!



Exellent work!
I love the face… got any wires?
Keep it up…


The lighting is so great!:thumbsup:
Without the good spot it will not be so stunning!
Well Done!:buttrock:

Would you post the wire?


Very cool man! :thumbsup: from me :smiley:


exellent , great , wow , :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This is about as good as it gets in my book.