Honeysuckle hotel and props


Hi all…

Time for some new posts. Crits welcome as usual

Here is the Honeysuckle hotel/stripclub.

It’s a deserted strip club and hotel, which will form part of my zombie aimation project featuring Ashley . It will be a unique building and I will probably have to create an interior for it at a later stage, as there will most likely be a scene that takes place within part of the building.

The polycount stands at 7629 with multiple textures and props.

Some of the images below are rather large in size.


A few more renders.

extra 1

extra 2

extra 3


And the wires…


And finally here are a few of the props.

And some trash


This is just so perfect. The skinning is very detailed and realistic. I really hope this ends up in a game. No complaints from me.


Woow, You are master.
I’m looking forward to see Ashley in action, fighting with zombies in front of this ,beautiful" hotel


great job mindrot, I don’t have any crits, only ideas to add…
I think a shopping cart or two with busted wheels would definately add a more trashy effect, or maybe even have a person sleeping on a bench covered in newspaper??? oh yeah and perhaps a few needles. looking great!!! superb job


Looks great :slight_smile:

only thing that bugs me is the neon sign, are you using any refrence for it? Not the sign itself but the red lighting looks strange. Might want to tone it done some.


theres some beautiful texturing work in there. really startlingly good stuff, and wouldnt be out of place in a AA list title



Hey Gary

The only thing that bugs me off the bat, is the oversharpening on that one crack texture, but that might be a post thing, and the scale of those pay phones, they seem super tiny, scale them up a bit.

The roof area feels a bit unresolved, it needs something . . maybe a gutter, or a ledge element to border it. . . a big ass billboard on the roof would also be nice.

Also, I would do a turned off version of the neon for daytime renders, it would make it look a bit more natural.

Otherwise its really cool.




I love it. only crit is the cracks around the window are all the exact same thing.

My favorite part is the phone.


wow! that’s excellent! great job!! i really like the textures with the dumpster & the phone. my one crit actually is the paper. i think i would have split each page into quads so the corners can bend a little & stuff, you know? it looks a little too stiff hanging straight down like that. and don’t worry about the neon. lol it would still be on if zombies attacked in a matter of minutes. it’d keep running until the power ran out lol
so far i’ve done mostly characters but i want to have some environments on my reel. about how long did this take you, if you don’t mind me asking?


Fantastic. I do agree with what was said as far as crits. so i’ll just say great job!


OMG the models are awsome!!! awsome textures, awsome poly count, awsome lighting, awsome everything!!!..just one question? what program do you use?


man… your textures rock… i love them (especially that sideshow character!) sooooo coool…
how do you do textures like that?! photos ? everything handpainted?! wacom?! which program!
you`re the god of dirt… haha


WHOOOAH!!! Thanks guys.

MR BINK: some good ideas there… unfortunately I don’t have the time to add all the extras I would like to put in :frowning:

Darkax: I was alos a bit bugged about the neons… not too sure about what, but maybe what you mentioned is the key. I’ll look into it.

Speve-O: YO Steve wasssup?? Will check out the crack thing (lol)… As for the pay phones, they have already beenslightly overscaled. Thought that does bug me still… hmmmm… I think I’ll solve the roof with a billboard :smiley: with some super sleazy strpper thing…weee

BurrowingDuck: Thanks… unfortunately that is due to texture llimitiations… I could sort it by adding an new texture or removing the cracks and using overlayed alpha planes with cracks on… but that would be more polys (not too many though)…

ill_logic: thanks… I will look into the paper :wink:

rikimountain: Hey Riki… most appreciated :smiley: It was combination of the two. About 70% photos and 30% handpainting with my small ol’ Wacom tablet in Photoshop 7 (Though I am moving on to Photoshop CS)

Thanks to the rest of you for your kind words :smiley:


I have a suggestion on the texturing…

When you’re weathering your textures, think hard about where dirt and grim is, and why it’s there. If there is to be a water drain, then there would be water stains and rust marks around that area. (Remember, rust can happen on just about anything. It’s not exclusive to a solid metal object.)

Remember, even though it’s abandoned now, somewhere along the line, maybe 10 years ago, someone was still taking care of it as well as they could. If you go to the internal sections of any seedy downtown, like Chicago, New York, L.A., Detroit, you’ll see that with weathering also comes a lot of stories. For example: A lot of your graffiti looks excellent, but it appears as if it’s just been tagged on there, without resistance. Put some areas where graffiti was in the past, but sometime they painted over it to try to get rid of it. There are a lot of jealous kids in the graffiti world who don’t respect the work of others, so they put a quick tag on top of it. Don’t be afraid to ‘mess up’ the graffiti.

I like the overall feel of the scene, even if it is a little overexposed. Your texture style reminds me of some things we’ve seen in Resident Evil 4. There is a sharpness to all things, and ‘ugly’ colors like blood red, and green seem very vibrant.

Oh yeah, board up one of those windows! You know you want to!

Good job so far.


hey man really nice stuff, very minumal crits, which might have already been said, but maybe add some water stains coming from the lid of the water tower. And add some darkness to the inside of the garbage dumpster, and the lid for it, you have the stripes looking curved, but the black they rest on doesn’t looked curved, maybe darken the 2 ends to give it more of a curved look, all in all beautiful pieces.


LuckyDevil: Sorry I missed your post blushes… I’m using 3D Studio Max 6 with VRay to render and Photoshop 7/CS for texturing.

Matt: Some great observation there… and it make a ton of sense. I will most definitely take that into acount with my next environmental work. As for the Boards… HELL YEAH!!! I need to do that…

onelung: Thanks man… thanks for pointing the water tower thing out. You’ll see the changes in my next posts…


Thanks to onelung I think I have made a better water tower…