honey trap, wenjun lin (2D)


Title: honey trap
Name: wenjun lin
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

She is the history of China’s first beauty -Xi shi
She is used to charm the king’s sacrifice.
Her for their own country,with the honey trap.
Her beauty so that generation of the King Fallen.

I just wanted to draw a beauty,Hope you likes~


Wonderful! Another piece of art. A real celebration of beauty. Great work, man! Congratulations.
Ferrick :thumbsup:


smooth lightning and great ambient atmosphere :slight_smile:


I bet this would look great on a larger scale. I love detail work, so I bet the costume and jewelry would look even more impressive up close. If you can, could you add close up views? Nice use of color, kind of techno, colors. Her feet, although the right shape, kind of fade or flatten due to the sparse rendering (can barely make out the toes one foot). I know hands and feet are hard, but don’t be afraid of them.

The tendrils of the hair are very nice and sexy, although a little heavy right above her head (it’s subtle, so most won’t notice it). The right, front veil could you an extra fold or two so that it doesn’t look so much like a pane of glass (that contour makes it appear a little hard). The back left veil is the best one.

The divan looks like something I may one day want to design by itself. The candle holder is one of my favorites in here (those curves and that design style along with the blue flames are just right). Good composition, but some scaling of the subjects would make a better balance (larger figure and divan). The blooming tree branches are a nice touch as well. Keep it up. Great job.


Good job, well done.


Wonderful work. The style and all details are very beautiful :applause:


Beautiful work! Love style, character design and pose a lot :slight_smile: Congratz


好棒好棒~不過胸腔是不是有點長了? 看起來有點怪
除此之外, 非常強大!!

PS:請問您畫人物有參考model嗎?((臉或是姿勢 , 有去您的網站觀摩, 很多好作品, 所以想問問…


Sorry, a9359481. The taiwanese translator is on hollydays… :shrug:


Gorgeous image, congratulations and cheers to you!


Wonderful illustration, I love it, the colors, lighting, character design and background are great :applause:


The colours are so evocative and enticing in this, that they lend themselves well to the story being told. The details are stunning especially the little candelabras with its magical light sources, and the sheer fabric adorning the whole scene.

One tiny critique, if you care to read on … I felt that her head size initially appeared too small for the body supporting it. However, I don’t know whether this can be put down to your art style or a proportion issue. I felt I should mention it in case it helps you in any way.

I do love the whole painting and it is evident that you have put a lot of love and attention into this. Beautiful.


Thank you man:wavey:

Right,the proportion of the waist of my role a little bit longer than usual, because of his slender waist and felt better reflected the feeling of Oriental women, of course, a little more subjective.Perhaps another attempt may be better.>Lunarsparks thank you~
All guests:wavey:


Very nice work



Very beautiful!! I fell in love with your artwork from this piece. The lighting and colours of her legs and the cloth beneath realy impress me. I’ve also paid a visit to your sina blog~ Hope to see more of your work in the future.


The rendering and the colors are beautiful, but you might want to double check your anatomy. The proportions are off, even for a stylized look. For example, when a woman raises one of her arms up high like that, the breast connected to that chest muscle will also be moved up. The human shoulder also has two joins, not just one (scapula and clavicle), so she is missing an entire joint in her right shoulder. Her upper torso is also too long (beyond the range of your overall stylization parameters). It’s very important to retain accuracy even in stylized works, because stylization is not a free-for-all license to distort the figure as one pleases–there are established parameters that your chosen stylistic range must follow. You happen to have chosen a fairly realistic although idealized style, and that restricts you to more or less realistic parameters of the human anatomy/figure. Something like the scapula/clavicle joints should be accurate even in more cartoony styles as well (unless it’s something very exaggerated and simple like South Park or The Simpsons).

I think it’s a common problem among artists who have spent a lot of time honing their rendering skills and color sense, but have not given enough time to study anatomy and figure. My suggestion is to consult at least a few reliable anatomy/figure books at the least, and if possible have someone model for you, or take a photo of yourself in that pose in front of the mirror.


i love your work
may i ask u if u have a larger version for wallpaper?


the girl is so beautiful ,
love , love the all !




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