Honey Girl, Mohammad Ali Shakeri (3D)


Title: Honey Girl
Name: Mohammad Ali Shakeri
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max

This is a realestic human head modeling
i used 3dsmax 5 for it and default scanline
a strong light from behind
all comments are welcome


Hi, like the style, doesn’t look too realistic though, if you are aiming for realism I think there’s quite a lot of facial proportions that are out on the model. the realationship between the eyes, mouth and nose is really important to get right. The eyes are a bit too big, and the nose/mouth seem far to far away from the eyes.



model and texturing really nice but u could make a better hair style…

so good job congratulations… :slight_smile:


You say you aim at realism, but why the render with such strange lighting, in greyscale and with the noise on top? That is not realism, as the proportions are not.

But besides the point of realism, I think this is a pretty picture anyway. :slight_smile:


Very nice, good job!


scary eyes…, eyebrow a bit to distant from the eyes
nose seems like she had a nose job, the bridge of the nose is too skinny then it suddenly going wider
the lip is nice
pretty long neck
nice hair. but she might need a haircut cos if you wanna show realistic human, but the hair is in the way, it seems like you wanna hide something…


To me she seems more a cartonish girl. In fact a nice cartoonish girl. Your style is great, but if your goal was realist modeling, you must to practice a little more.


Tanx for comments
I m agree with u that it doesn t look realist
i done it 2 years ago and it was my first low poly modeling and so human modeling!
i m glad that u interested in
i should work more on hair and the size and position of nose and eyes and also should bring the eyebrow near the eye
tanx again and bye


nice work ali ,its a still image? or have a animation


tanx ali_rahimi
it is just a practice on human face about 2 years ago
at now i have more abilities on modelling humans
so i prefer to leave this carachter and work on a more complete charachter for animation
i promiss to made a realstic animation of human


[right]سلام علی جان [/right]
[right]خوشحالم که اینجا می بینمت[/right]
[right] [/right]
[right]به نظرم اگر کمی سعی کنی که واقعگرایانه تر کار کنی بهتر باشه البته ببخش که فضولی می کنما [/right]
[right]امیدوارم که موفق باشی [/right]


hi dear ali .

nice to see you here .
your honey is tuneful but if you try to realistic it will be so better .

good luck !



tanx Hadi
i m trying but my favorite is cartoonish modelling
tanx for your reply and CC


Great work so far! i loved the modelling part! as u said u could made the hairs and eyes,and texturing better! hop u’ll do it!

keep it up!:thumbsup:


tanx Madlight,
it will be done
i m searching for free time to complete this model.


great work!!!
but it seems a little artificial. try to render colorful!!!
hope see your newest thread soon!!! :thumbsup:


tanx Amin for your kind words.
it will be done colorful and with body.


[right]علی جان کار ت و فکرت خوبه اما بهتر بود اگه بافت و رنگ بهتری به کارت می دادی[/right]
[right]:applause: به هر حال عالیه[/right]


tanx nader
as i said the colorful version is on progress
it will be done;)


heej man,Im still waitin to see this charcter finished…;)u can do it better,maybe if u use a nice SSS,and a soft render,it would turn out well…i’ll keep an eye on it…:thumbsup: good job…