Honda Nsx Raybrig, Brainspoon (3D)


this is my first attempt to model a car. i used the tamiya model kit as reference.

all modeling an texturing was done in maya and with standard maya renderer.


hey cool model, very nice.
only thing that bothers me is the front wheel seems a little flat and too close to the fender top, I could be wrong.
keep it up!


here is a quick photoshop fix :thumbsup:


Nice work, I like the whole thing. But I agree with Idi. Your photoshop fix is better than the first render, but doesnt adress the hight issue. I like the particially flat look of the tyres, gives the scene realism, but they are riding too high. Maybe reduce the overall size of the rim and tyre combo. The alternative; raising the car up, probably wouldnt be as good an idea, being as its a race car and all and is supposed to be lowered.


always thought it’s not possible to get such a good render quality with the maya renderer - great job!!!


it was my aim to do everything with “old school stuff” :slight_smile:
i lit the scene with a light dome of directional lights that i created from a hdri map in hdrshop. most reflections are from standard environment maps except the self reflections.

a wireframe will follow soon



Nice job, do a little something more with the environment and it would look better IMO. Tight modeling, very good materials–this is a popular car, there is another 1 posted a few threads up from where I found this 1;) Great work, fine tune it:beer:




and here is my composite


nice texturing. Also like how the front tire is a bit low on pressure.


great model/composition… i’m an NSX fan and my ex-roommate has one… sexy cars.

did you know the body kit on that car (Marga Hills) is a $14,000 body kit alone? craziness.

great job


Perfect modeling, great texturing, AWESOME lighting/compositing, it looks like a photo. Glad to see you didn’t use GI to achieve such an amazing aspect!

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very good work, gr8t modelling and rendering…altough i think the composite still could receive some improvements, the car is very saturated for that background


Fabulous attempt!!!:beer:


Outstanding model!

I would suggest adding some film grain to the composite. And maybe some very slight motion or general blur to the overall car just to defocus it slightly.


excellent work my friend:thumbsup:






I like it alot and ur work brilliant:thumbsup::thumbsup:


I like ur model,it looks pretty good to me…for a standard maya render it looks awsome,can u try using mr? I just wanted to see the outcome…