Honda Cr 125r, Lauro Müller (3D)


Title: Honda Cr 125r
Name: Lauro Müller
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello all

This is a 2005 honda CR 125R (with hot wheels graphics kit)
I did this moto , because i am a mx’s fan and also because ive already tired of modeling cars…
The modeling process, texturing rendering setup, took too long a month, and the final image was made with Vray.

I hope you liked



OK :eek:

Too nice. Nothing to crit. Looks too real.



hey lau !

ive already seen this model… hehe
muito bom… t+


Love it! excellent model! Any more views??


Sweet model… realy cool, one thing tho, and im not sure but the handle bar and the hand grips look to b a little bit to small/thin…??


wow! very nice! :bounce:

As AoB said, just the handle bars look a bit odd :slight_smile:


really nice work, my only critique goes to rear brake cylinder… it’s pure white? if it’s chrome material,it’s wrong, maybe you should change environment, give this beast into some great photo from racing championship… anyway,really nice work, as i said…


hey i fell of a model a bit older than that one about 1 1/5 weeks ago and got amnestia and concustion lol


very nice i love riding quads and dirt bike

the rear swingare looks a bit thin tho


You might want to add some normals to the tires they seem over pumped, maybe flatte them abit where they touch the ground. Other than that is great, I like the texturing, very well done.


Superb job! Love the detail and graphics! As for the final render - its very good indeed - it takes a lot of tweaking and you’ve done it well… Love to see a wire…Inspired me to model my fav the yz 125.


Hi Lauro, great model!:thumbsup: will you make the background? Congrats man!!


Aew lauro, mto massa véi, modelagem, render e texturas :stuck_out_tongue:


wow! tank u for the replies guys!


Pullermann - thnx dude

gra7 - wazzup man! thnx brother

Tzrnutt - [font=ARIAL]I am posting more visions in this post
Thnx man

AoB - it can be the vision angle that is giving this effect… anyway am posting other angles, and thanx for the replie

[font=Verdana]D2F-blade - [font=ARIAL]it was what I said for Aob… anyway, thnx for your coment [/font][/font]

[font=Verdana][font=ARIAL][font=Verdana]furo - [font=ARIAL]you right
the brake disk was strange, I am going to try to repair this [/font][/font][/font][/font]
[font=Verdana][font=ARIAL][font=Verdana][font=ARIAL]thanks by the observation[/font][/font][/font][/font]

Aids - :buttrock: coolll!!
ZeroLogic - I love ride too!
thanks by the observation

XSImatrix - you right about the tires
thanks by the observation, I am going to try to repair that

vfx - thanks a lot dude, [font=ARIAL]I myself drew the graphs and i am post some wires here

Wandddo - Thanks man, i dont know yet, maybe i do yes…

Kunst - Thanks man, Valeu cara!!

here some another views

and a wireframe[/font]

[font=Verdana][font=ARIAL][font=Verdana][font=ARIAL][font=ARIAL]tomorrow put some renders, am very tired now, I need sleep a little…


Your bike is really lovely, I’m a moter/scooter fan and I think you did a great job :thumbsup:


hi lauro!

very nice model dude, i really like the graphics, the model is very good, and nice render too… :buttrock:

to com preguiça de pensar em ingles…
agora taca um motoqueiro ae e renderiza umas cenas no nível da motoca!!



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