Home Environment


Hey everyone, so this would be my 2nd entry, It was really fun working on this one. I’ve added a lot of little details throughout the image. All done in Photoshop.


Looks very interesting!
Good luck!


Awesome, this should go along with the “kill your tv” posters… Great work!

PS did you use a tablet?


Hehe!Cool concept!!!Nice work!
Good luck!


I like it!


Tiello, Lefterris, and PELENG thanks.

jikz: I was lucky enough to work on a cintiq with this painting


cintiq…drool. if i only had $2k for that 21" one…well i just have a humble bamboo - 5"x3", but it does enough for me for the moment. everyone should have a touch tablet.


Totally sweet. Love the detail.

I offer you this cg contract: :deal:


I like your title there. it makes it sound like an ad for a “Home Environment System” to give the most convincing atmosphere of television. It would be cool if you advertised it like that in your description.


Like this very much, reminds me of that scene from close encounters of the third kind, where the main character id making the mountain in his lounge… any way awesome work!


Planetsun, I accept your cg contract :slight_smile:

Caffeinedealer; that’s a great idea, I might just do that :) thanks!

Graphicgolem; I did use my living room as reference and now that’s all I see when I sit down to watch TV.  to bad its not real


Wow, there is allot of detail there. I especially liked the tiny animals roaming the Savannah and the train on the shelf. Nice work!


Quillian- Cheers, glad you like it!


I really like the originality of this image. Great detail, and the “window washers” are awesome. Good Luck!


thanks Kilep!


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