Home Depot Holiday Animation!


Hey guys,

Here at MAKE we recently finished up a spot for Home Depot’s Holiday website (http://www.thddecorations.com)

Zach Mandt, Aaron Quist, Danny Robashkin, Andrew Chesworth and myself were the ones here who worked on it.

All models were created in Maya. All animation, lighting, textures, animation and rendering was done in Max.

Despite a tight dealine, I think we still all had fun working on it :slight_smile:

http://www.tysonibele.com/Main/Animations/HomeDepot/homedepot.mov (8.5mb with sound)


Yeah, I’d say we still had a good time :smiley:



Excellent. love the animation and the details


This is Danny from MAKE, and you guys need to know that these guys absolutely kicked ass on this thing. You really need to frame by frame in order to see how much went into this piece!

The end result is way better than anyone would have expected, and hopefully you guys like it too.


Wow the complexity of this is impressive. I love all the details with the elves and such.

The dialogue was a little confusing though? Is that Mrs.Claus’s voice? Sounds a little high for Santa. And who’s driving the sleigh?

Visually it looks good. Everything I’ve seen from you guys looks friggin’ amazing. How tight was the deadline, if you don’t mind me asking?

Congrats on the hard work.


Yes, it is supposed to be Mrs Claus’ voice. And it is supposed to be a first person view from Santa driving the sleigh. If you look on the original post, there’s a link to the site we created all the content for, it will put it all in context, and probably make more sense that way. As far as the deadline, we had about a month and a half to do everything, including the interiors and exteriors on the site. So the project was split in half pretty much focusing on the intro for one half the time, and the interactive stills for the other half of our timeframe.



Very nice T as always! Congrats to all MAKE crew!


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