Home Comforts, Dave Butler (3D)


Title: Home Comforts
Name: Dave Butler
Country: United Kingdom
Software: CINEMA 4D

Based on the older Southern Comfort bottle. I was going to model an older type of rocking chair but I liked the look of this. With the chrome and the leather it fits in with the rest of the objects which kinda have a Louisiana theme. The plant is a magnolia, the state flower of Louisiana.



Cool idea! I like it. :thumbsup:


He thats nice and SC is one of my favorites.


Hehe cute idea!


Very cool idea, made me put on a big smile when i opened the Thread.



hey , thats very nice work. :slight_smile: impressive


very good idea i really i love it this image

good luck 4 ever

2** from me


My girlfriend en I enjoy a glass of southern comfort from time to time. Wish I thought of this, very nice idea.


Fantastic image.
I had a nasty date last week with a bottle of southern comfort. Fromm what I recal it was not as glamorous as your image.

Well done!


Hehe funny and well done ^^

The render is really clean ! 4*


great idea!

5 stars dude :wavey:


wt idea :slight_smile: 4 stars


Great idea. Very good work :applause:


Great work Dave.




Great execution. Nice and funny idea. Good work indeed :slight_smile:



cool render…


realy nice


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