Home-build 3d scanner


i control the digital camera (Nikon coolpix 4300) with Snappix via serial cable.
my linear laser is powered by USB connector, it only need 3 volts.
my rottating platform will be (hopefully) done this year and will use another com port to control.
I plan to use a simple stepper motor (like in floppy drives 5.25) and control it with uIC.

Why I use so many ports?
So that you can use what you have and not to be locked on mine gadgets.



now available



This is sweet. even if you just use it for refrence. Great job, and good luck to you.


Hi all
I have question to RACA. I have created my own 3d scanner, and Iam intrested what is the output of your application. Is it just single points or does you create mesh?
If yes can you tell me what kind of allgorith do you use to create such a mesh? In my application I simply create curve for every frame and after whole scan, rebuild curves and loft them. This method is prety good for simple objects, but later on I would like to use more then one laser to create particular object and after that this method i completly unusefull.
Whole aplication is written in MEL, it is quite slow but it works :). For example 36 spams sphere is created in 6000 seconds…


Hi Bartolomiejk,

Good luck with your scan-project.
About my workflow, I sample every horizontal line for most red pixel, then i write the position and the index for each and every point. So at the end i get a poit cloud. But from cloud to a mesh is realy a small step so i conect the closest points together. My raw file is here for you to check.



Holy damn… That’s nice… Can I have the recipe for this? :stuck_out_tongue:



I think this step is not as small as you said, I even think that it can be more complex then scanning. Connecting closest points is not the best way to create mesh, for some objects your scan can be a disater using this method. I thinking about an algorithm which will choose the ‘most important’ points of scan, delete unusefull points, then try somehow to connect them (maybe using some index array which could be created during scannig) and create cleanest mesh as posible.


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