Hollywood, game industry cross fingers as 'Godfather' video game debuts


"Hollywood and top game industry executives crossed their fingers as the late Marlon Brando returned to the screen posthumously in a long-awaited new “Godfather” video game. "





not particulerly interested in the game. Saw the movies, and although there where a few things that caught my eye as being cool, it still just looks like another Grand theft auto clone game. Although I will admit that this one does look like it has a bit more flavor compared to the IMO bland story and characters of the GTA games.

I kinda don’t like how the artical makes it out that paramount has alot more to loose by cheapening the movie series with a bad game, then EA being down and out 15 million bucks in development as well as haveing a title that whould cheapen their company’s reputation with Exelent quality games. (At least to a certain market consumer, I personaly can care less for most of what they do, but they are the biggest name in games for a reason.)


Why would the “industry” cross its fingers? Only EA is, and the game has recieved poor reviews thus far for all the hype EA has made of the game. Just look at the low trailers ratings on gametrailers.com. It matches the avarage rating the game has recieved.

The idea that if EA isn’t doing well then the whole game industry must not be doing well either has to go.


I think EA’s success has more to do with brand identity with the public then a reputation for quality games. They’ve marketed their company very successfully as a household name, to be sure. But besides the flagship “Burnout” and “Madden” franchises, they make as many mediocre games as any other major publisher, if not more.

Come to think of it, I’d love to see someone with too much free time make an average of gamerankings broken down by publisher as a reflection of the overall quality of their games shipped. I think EA would be pretty average in comparison; certainly not in the top few.

Oh and from what I’ve heard of what it took to get “the Godfather” out the door, I think $15 million is much, much lower then the actual development cost to EA.

I think www.gamerankings.com would be a more accurate way to judge the quality of the game then it’s trailer ranking. It looks like it’s hovering within a few points of 80% which is pretty good, especially for a licensed game.



another GTA clone.


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