Hole 3, Ehsan Dabbaghi (2D)


Title: Hole 3
Name: Ehsan Dabbaghi
Country: Persia
Software: Photoshop

Hi there
Well that’s what i wanted to do , So i did 2 images befor this one that you have a background story .
I paint this with photoshop in 3 days part time .
Here is the first step .

This is not the end .
To be continue


Great perspective and love the preliminary black and white sketch too. Nice to see the development. Wicked paintily style,



Nice work Bro!
I like the perspective, colors and the mood!
Maybe the lamp light shoud have more warm color.
Keep up!


Wow.Great perspective,I love it!:thumbsup:


good work !:thumbsup:

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Hey ! :smiley:
Thanks alot guys for your kind words !
Bence I test that but it didn’t looks good …
Thank you very much guys again …:thumbsup:


you captured a nice apocalypse feeling in here :slight_smile:


amazing effects

i liked the colors and the mood

keep up


wooow Hey boy fantastic work
I like your works best friend


WOOOOOWWW! You´re the master of apochaliptic landscapes my friend!:eek:
I already said this…but i´ll be very happy when i see a graphic novel made by you dude.
Can´t wait to see the next for this series.
Always mind blowing art work! :buttrock:


Hey :smiley:
Christian and uAe-Designer Thanks !
Mojtaba :buttrock:Thanks for your help dude !!!
And Rodrigo … :smiley: Thanks man wait for the other shots of the novel …
Cheers every one .:twisted:


Great first impresion, very powerfull! Only rocks lit by fire looks for me like they are selfiluminated - their value differs not much from light source - fire. If you look at camp fire youll see that fire itself is very strong and areas lit by it are much darker like here http://sites.younglife.org/sites/chicago/Home%20Page/Staff%20Camp%20Fire.jpg If you squint your eyes youll see diffrence. And this light should go more toward red imho. correct it and you have perfect scene :thumbsup:


Wao … I needed that help ! That’s quite right …:buttrock:
Let me fix these problems …
Thanks alot !!!:scream:


Eyoool ehsooli damet garm kheyli timiste!!! :smiley: :wink: :buttrock:


Nice…very nice work!



Ehsan how fast you are evolving! look at the painting mate,it’s just perfect:beer: looks incredible. The fireplace in misty environment looks so nice:thumbsup:


Hey dude this is awesome :smiley:


another great work from yours!


The perspective and mood are really good. What has caused this destruction?


godd job mate,the mood and composition is all good:)keep it coming