Holding a rifle


Is there anyone out there with experience in proper parent_child or contraints knowledge to have a two handed firearm in a character’s hands? Like say, an assault rifle…

I have the gun parented to the right hand and everything’s fine. But whenever I try to use a simple constraint or parent/child relationship with the left hand to the foregrip of the gun, The character twist horribly in the MB view window.

There is a VTM on a pistol, and I have gotten that far, but it seems that a rifle type weapon needs a totally different approach.



Hi adrencg,

Try this:

Create Aux nodes for each wrist of your character. Parent each Aux node to your rifle, then when you need your character to grip the rifle, simply animate the weigh attribute of your Aux node to %100.



CurtisG, is there a way to animate the translation of something while it’s also parented to something else?

If so, how?

I have tried with a cube parented to another, then try to animate the translation and it won’t move.

I need to be able to animate the weighting, but then animate the object after the weighting goes to zero.


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