Holding a rifle(MB)


I posted this in MB forum, but since there seems to be a lot of MB users here also, I figured someone might know the answer.

Is there anyone out there with experience in proper parent_child or contraints knowledge to have a two handed firearm in a character’s hands? Like say, an assault rifle…

I have the gun parented to the right hand and everything’s fine. But whenever I try to use a simple constraint or parent/child relationship with the left hand to the foregrip of the gun, The character twist horribly in the MB view window.

There is a VTM on a pistol, and I have gotten that far, but it seems that a rifle type weapon needs a totally different approach.



I have no idea if this would work, but you could try this:

Place the left hand where you want it on the gun, and then parent the left hand to the right hand. Then, just use the right hand to move the gun and left hand around. Try and see if something like that works. I’d be interested to hear/see about your results. :applause:


parent child constraint, check the vid tutes at kaydara, the guy stirring the cauldren.



Is the rifle the constrained object in both cases? Left and right hand? Perhaps use an IK constraint for the left hand.

But one thing is the constraints work in the order that they are listed. And if you use more than on the same object, you need to blend them evenly (first gets 100%, second 50%, third 33%, etc.)


Hi adrencg,

I replied to your other post, regarding the same question. Do a search for ‘rifle’ and it should pop up.



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