Holdeen's Max - Real Time Character, Gilberto Magno (3D)


Title: Holdeen’s Max - Real Time Character
Name: Gilberto Magno
Country: Brazil
Software: Maya Photoshop ZBrush
Submitted: 2nd June 2013

I did this work inspired by the art of Dean Holdeen.
I hope you like it!

Who wants to see the model in real time can see here: http://www.gilbertomagno.com/MaxUnity.html

Video presentation:

(I have the approval of Holdeen to post it. Original concept here: http://www.holdeen.com/zboard/data/gallery/kang.jpg)



Others shots:


Great renders


extremely awesome work.


Amazing work!


very nice work nice details


Lovely work, I really liked the original concept art when it cropped up time ago, and this is a perfect rendition of it.
Been a while since we had some realtime material on the front page, and this definitely deserves to be up there :slight_smile: Plugged.


Excellent. Love the look and weight of it.


Amazing work on a great concept! Thanks lot for all the breakdown material too :slight_smile:


Fantastic game model. Top job! congrats:thumbsup:


Hi everybody! Thanks a lot for the comments.

ThE_JacO - Thank you for your words and the forum for this gift. Very much appreciated!

Here a video of my workflow.
Hope you like it!



Fantastic work. A model for all to strive towards for future work.


Thats awesome! Love it! :buttrock:


I love the feel of this. Awesome work.


:buttrock:I loooove it,That’s really cool!!!


That’s an amazingly detailed work. Very crisp and a very efficient mesh.


Awesome ! :slight_smile:


Looks just amazing. Great texture and modeling




nice job!I like the Metallic! :bounce: