Holdeen's Elf Girl, Hector Marquez (3D)


Title: Holdeen’s Elf Girl
Name: Hector Marquez
Country: USA
Software: 3D-Coat, Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

I knew I wanted to model Holdeen’s The spirit of the blessing the moment I saw her. Recently I got a hold of Dean and got his permission to recreate this beauty as a game resolution character.
I also used this project to learn how to use Modo 601, in hindsight I probably should of done something simpler first heh. I added a hint of realism for a little more interest.
The girl is 37k tris and uses 2k maps and smaller. Her sword and bag are 2.7k tris and use 1k maps and smaller. She could very easily be optimized, but for this render I went full resolution. I wanted little to no indication of geometry or pixelization.
Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:


Here are some construction shots

Color Views

Normals + AO


High Poly


I like it~the color is beauty


I really like the style and the colors you used.



Just one word, Waow ! :bounce:



great modelling & very good looking


Cool character! And excellent work on normals and details!


She came out great Hector! Very faithful recreation.




Looks really good. But why are the feet so thin?


It looks a bit transgender, which is not a bad thing, just wondering if it’s intentional.


Awesome thanks for plug Tito! :bounce:

Thanks for the kind words everyone :beer:

plastic: no

diziple: Thanks, they are like that in the concept Holdeen drew. Maybe smaller even


very nice and clean work ,awesome


Gorgeous! :thumbsup:


Looks wonderful, nice work :slight_smile:


Love it all , less the angry sad face expression , but that´s personal taste !

Nevertheless its impressive!!!



Ha ha,… I recognized it straight away, It’s that knee on her left that is the giveaway. Really well done you nailed the little booties and the rest right down to a tee. Neat work on the low res and you must be a Modo convert by now then.

Great stuff!



Just saw the original reference! what a amazing job of replicating! Congrats


Hi, this is a very good job, only one thing, I see the boots / feet very small.



Saw this on PC, beautiful work, well done!


awesome! :slight_smile: