Hold a still in Composite


How do you hold a still image in Composite…simple i’m sure but doing my head in.


Hi hotknife, Select Node Image with you want and in The Tool UI go TAB: IMAGE IMPORT you can setup there, Hold, Loop, Ping Pong…
I hope help you.


Other answers were posted to his AREA thread here.



Thanks guys, Eric especially for answering on the area thread. I think what was confusing us here was the fact that the track bar in the animation tab didn’t correspond to how long the image would be held. Is there an Edit op’ similiar to Combustion in there.

Also what workflow would you recommend to edit a number of stills together swiftly in Composite. Is it a matter of using loads of Blend & Comps ?


There is no Edit Operator like tool in Composite. Yes, you would need to use Blend&Comp or other Composite tool to combine images. Maybe if you described exactly what you wanted it would be easier to answer for your exact need.



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