Hokukage, Stacy Michalcewicz, Hoon (2D)


Title: Hokukage
Name: Stacy Michalcewicz, Hoon
Country: United States
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hokukage is one of the many who are leading the Sullens, the army of dark ninja. This primitive yet well organized community began before any civilization, but it is slowly losing its territorial power.
Hokukage’s greed and fame eventually grew out of proportion, and he took his roll in the eventual ruination of the army. His political advancements in the community gave him considerable influence, disapproved of by most.
I used Photoshop cs, Painter 8, and wacom for this piece. Lineart by HOON, painted by Juji :slight_smile:
This particular character is designed as iconic “NINJA” character for the story of Ninja Talkshow. To confirm that NINJA talkshow indeed have ninja characters in the story
Keen project, Ninja talkshow Character concept series. All characters and concepts, copyright mess studio / HOON


Nice work! Interesting details on the shadow part. It has a realistic look, but the proportion seems kind of stylise & exaggerated. Is that a particular style you are aiming for? Cool…:thumbsup:


yes, I was hoping for some exaggeration. Thanks for comment!


This is a great picture, i love how you put catoons into some of the deatail shots, great work, you have a good sence of humor


Nice work!

I like your Chibis! :smiley: :cool:


great concept. nice details throughout. i like how you feel led about when you look at it. the one critic that i do have is to do with the right leg (his right). It seems a bit too lengthy . very nice overall though!!! 4 stars


Just great! I like the motion of the picture.
Maybe you should blur the reflection.



Great work Juji! :smiley:

( I don’t even come to CGTalk that often if I’m not posting art… I must have really good timing here, hehe)


hey Juji - this is lovely as always. You’re not posting on renderosity.com anymore…?.. :+(

does Hoon have the lineart to this one on his DA site???


very nice work. It has a very dynamic feel, i love that.


great one ! juji+hoon = magic!


Nice job! I really like this image. Oh, and ninjas are totally sweet! :slight_smile:


Very cool style.


Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:
SeanE: I do once in a great while, but I’ve been pretty busy. Maybe I should for old times, eh? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think HOON is giving out the lineart to this one, since it’s part of a project that hasn’t been released.
Again, thanks for feedback guys! ^^


Great illustration… :thumbsup:

  • Maybe a little bit of motion-blur on the chains, (not much! I like the chains detail…) just to give more motion to the scene… Anyway, nice work…


Strong pose, the colouring is fantastic.

I just think the weapon is a bit too long, he’s almost about to wrap himself with it. However having said that it still looks cool :thumbsup:


JUJI, amazing work!! you know how much i love this bad boy!!! :love:

well done to you and HOON!!! :thumbsup:


This is awesome. :applause:
I love Ninjas. :smiley:


Love the details in his kneecap, scythe handle, and clothing. The shadow stuff makes it even more mysterious. The elongated proportionls and whipping chain really help the motion of the drawing.


You can’t tell by the full image (because of the size), but the close-ups show great use of brushes. Very natural looking. However, his limbs are way too lengthy. Perhaps it is your intention, but it looks a bit odd.