Hogwarts Castle landscape - WIP


Latest Update:

I’ve decided to use the model of Hogwarts i have been working on in the WIPs section to create a matte painting of the castle and its landscape. I know its not very original, but I needed a use for the model and I wanted to try another matte painting. Here’s how its going so far. The mountain was created in World Machine and rendered in terragen. The castle: Blender.
Small version:


Hi yodajared,

The concept is interest… and defiently nice to see a blender model, anyways I’m pretty much new to matte painting so I can’t give you many tips… but a really dramatic sky would look cool :D.

Looking forward to an update,



Thanks ZaneV

Here’s an update: (The current lake is only temporary)


Here’s another update:


Wow great going yodajared. The painting is coming up nice. The castle model is really cool. Looking forward to see the complete version of the matte painting. :thumbsup:


Hey Jared this is starting to look very nice, very much like a fairy tale . Keep rockin it!


Hi this is looking good, nice modelling in the castle, here are some issues I see in this image
first it would be nicer if you have some foreground elements, like some rocks over the water, some branches of a tree r something that gives more depth to the whole scene
the mixture clouds you have are not correct, some of them have red sun and the others yellowish sun, and the light direction on each of them are not the same
the water still need lots of work, it look too perfect, I suggest you use reference photo material to see how it should look
I’ll be looking forward to see how it goes


Thanks for the comments.
Jamesfx: I wasn’t sure what you meant about the water, but i hadn’t added all of the reflections anyways. I still have more work on it though.


The colors are really starting to come together. I agree that the water needs work. Especially pay attention to the moments where the water meets land - does it break on rocks, wash ashore, etc.


Thanks sraymond. I will work on the water/land boundary.

Here is an update. I have imporved the water, as well as other areas.



Nice word, its really coming together now!

Keep up the good work mate,



Thanks! Here is a small update. I’ve finished the background for now (I think). I decided I will add a foreground to give a greater sense of depth and scale. It will be am edge of a shore looking through a few trees.


I like it alot. I have only two suggestions. More yellow light going from left to right…similar in colour to the cloud on the right. The water should be more reflective near the edges of the shore and falloff coming toward the viewer.

Keep up the good work.



Curious where you got the Hogwarts model or did you say you built it yourself?
It’s very nice. Has a lot of great detail and seems very accurate.


Small update (I took your advice dellis):

marsRover: yes I built the model of hogwarts from scratch. Here are a few pictures showing the detail. Whie it’s not 100% done yet, it fairly close. I have a thread in the WIP section with more pics.


Any chance of seeing a wire frame?


This looks great! I’m glad to see Blender as part of your workflow. Keep it up.


I’ve changed the sky a bit and I also rerendered the castle at a sharper level of anti-aliasing. I think it should seem a little bigger now, but it still needs a few adjustments.


More adjustments, Nearing completion. I may add a foreground, but i’m not sure yet.


I think the castle looks really nice but the main thing that the sticks out to me is the mountain directly behind the castle, it looks really cut & pasty, out of place. I know it’s duller because of the atmosphere, but maybe if you increased the contrast on it it might help.