Hobbyist/non-pros/students: whats your job?


just curious.

im 18 and im a kitchen hand at the big M

BTW: this question is just for the people that dont CG as a job, in other words - the unfortunate ones. the sinners…


im a student at art institute of seattle where im studying computer animaion so someday…

i work at wizards of the coast (not the retail store)


I am, once again, a student. No more.


Wizards of the Coast? Really? What is it?

I don’t consider myself unfortunate… but a sinner!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Right now I’m under contract until July this year working in MIS/Tech Support. After that I have the option of staying or following my career. I’ve been with this company since I was 18 (24 now) and started in Customer Service. I have a great boss and an awesome team. And right now we’re waiting to move into our new building by March :applause:

Meanwhile, working hard on that reel!!! :wip:


I’m an occasional teacher (programming, Photoshop, database development) - but most of the time I’m nothing at all.


serving tables at The Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue, WA.

what REALLY sucks about this is that i get to serve food to Bungie, Valve, Monolith, Suckerpunch and other gaming industrial’ites knowing damn well i could be working next to them. damn you Valve people, eating your Chicken Madeira and drinking you Strawberry Lemonade with your fancy HL2 shirts…jk

but i do get some freelance work from time to time [mostly flash work] but i just relocated to seattle, so its only time till…


MSN tech support and telephony support.

Fun stuff.


“Interactive Designer” at an ad agency. I’m not really a designer, they just couldn’t think of a title for me. I mainly just do the more techy side of creative: actionscript, html, dvd authoring, director/sw, video editing/compression, some mac/win support if the sysadmin is too busy, and every once in a while, 3D. It’s laid back, fun, and the pay is good - but deadlines can be hell, with several 24-48 hour stints a year.


I myself am just student - I’m working now on weekends (friday, sat and sun, I might have to cut Fridays though because I need drawing time :|) at a big supermarket chain called Publix. I bag groceries:d Sometimes stock, sometimes pick p carts… how utterly exciting :slight_smile: I’ve met some interesting people through it however. I don’t plan to stay for long but the benifits they offer are definetely impressive


My full time job is working on my current student film and trying my hardest to get an internship for the summer or/and fall. Tough to juggle even that for me, though, my current film has got me in way, way, way over my head.

I don’t plan to stay for long but the benifits they offer are definetely impressive

My best friend has worked at a grocery store, Jewel (biggest in Illinois though losing ground to Meijer’s), for 5 or 6 years now. Grocery store unions are ridiculous in the benefits their employees get. This kid was able to dictate his own hours after a certain period, so he gave himself 8-12 hours on Sunday when he got time and a half, and if he worked more than 8 hours on Sunday it became 2x, so he would basically be getting like 16-20 hours of pay each Sunday. Now he’s a front-end manager while he’s at school and gets paid quite a bit, plus gets two full weeks paid vacation and basically is pampered. Oh… why are we dreaming of working in an industry of 80 hours weeks when we could be grocers?!:thumbsup:


Originally posted by WhiteRabbit.obj
… Oh… why are we dreaming of working in an industry of 80 hours weeks when we could be grocers?!:thumbsup:

Im asking myself the very same question right now after reading your post :surprised



Have been here for about 4 years now. Started in sales for about 1.5 years and moved in to a position doing technical support on all the products that we are required to provide in-house tech support on. Basically that includes products by PTC, Autodesk, discreet, Alias, and TAB. Since I am pretty much a 1-man department there are a lot of other responsibilities involved but I won’t get too deep in to that right now. When I get all caught up with my work (or other people get real behind) I help our customer service department out (I only like doing this when I have to).


Student supporting myself and paying my way through Junior College by working part time jobs. One at our school lab doing maintainance, another at a computer repair/supply place building and repairing computers.

Thinking of going to Cap College in Canada (or another Canadian based school) to study animation.

Oh yeah, and I’m studying Computer Information Systems (Systems Analysis, programming, web design etc.)


student. Media & Knowledge engineering, department of CG


Wow, what a great thread!

I’m currently employed at an educational company converting all of our old betacam educational programs to DVD. It’s not that bad, but not that fun either. I have also done small illustrations, Catalogs, Video Editing, Filming, etc… etc… Nothing real interesting. I can’t complain though, because in my community, there isn’t much call for people doing any sort of art/computer related work, so I guess I’m one lucky fella!

My back history is simple. I went to the Joe Kubert Art School in New Jersey, flunked out of it because I didn’t dedicate myself enough to the work. Went from odd job to odd job. Painted some Murals in a couple of Wal-Mart stores. I never really got around to getting a comicbook done, like I always dreamed to do. And now I’m just pushing some buttons on a machine. Heh, pretty sad really!

Needless to say, I’m really, really wanting to take some time off to get more indepth with 3D and all it’s complexity. I can’t afford to just do this on my own without a job, so I’m seriously thinking about going back to school. Vancouver Film School looks to be the best canditate for me, so I’m slowly paying off my bills so I can go there. Others might think I’m nuts for wanting to do that, but IMO, for the price of a nice car, you can get an education at a school with a fine curriculum (Just look at the demo reels coming out of it) and a bunch of contacts in a pretty CG populated area, Vancouver. Even if I can’t find a job in 3D after I get out of school. I can always fall back on other things for work.

I’m 27, and that’s my life in just a few words. Do I win a prize? :bounce:


Used/New car salesman at a Toyota dealership.



i passed the bar, but its gonna be a short lived career. its horrible.

i am currently back in school for animation.


Student, just starting Bachelor of Digital art in animation, at the ANU…as for my job. i work for a interactive training company as their 3D modeller. its good fun, but i can’t say too much shifty eyes becuase i am under a NDA and a security agreement (air force stuff) and if i told you any info…well i would have to kill you :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I work at a big company.


I roll up the films and watch movies all days:buttrock:

on my free time, i like to draw :surprised