HMC9 : Star Wars Tribute : LAAT/i Gunship


OK, first time entry for me (i’m must be feeling brave)

I have decided to model a LAAT/i gunship used by both the Old Republic and the Galactic Empire in the Episode 2/3 era, The Clone Wars.

I’m going to attempt a version used by ARC troopers/Republic commando’s for “black Op’s” missions.
I’m still working out the scenario details, and i may attempt a few commados if time permits.(at least since they are clones i’ll only need to make one :))


I just finished a double bill of Episodes I&II this morning. I totally overlooked the Clones and remembered how cool the Gunships are.

Best of luck, mate.:thumbsup:


great choice the gunship is very cool will be watching this one :slight_smile:


Well i hope its worth watching mate …

I made a start on it tonight after grabbing several shots off of Episode 2.


Damn you, Simjoy, for you are getting off to a flying start! :smiley:


Well i wasnt until i added the wings …:slight_smile:


Awesome start!


Its taking shape nicely.:slight_smile:


Nice !! update…


A bit more done tonight …

The more i look, the more i seem to find to do … this may take a while :slight_smile:


It’s shaping up nicely:thumbsup: looking forward to seeing your progress on this.


looks like you´re off to a good start. and now keep the updates coming, coz I can´t wait to see more :).

btw, where did you find those blueprints? perhaps you can post a link where i can find those prints.



I’ve honestly no idea where i got then. I spent a day google searching for as many pics as i could find and that was one of them …

If you want them let me know and i’ll upload them to my site. I’m not sure if they are 100% accurate, but they are good for the general shape …


wicked mate… love’n it so far :thumbsup:


looking pretty good nice updates


Despite my total inability to model the cockpit properly :sad: I’ve moved on to something i could do …

Added gunpods and remodelled the rocket launchers …


Oh thats fantastic, Simjoy! However, don’t give up on the cockpit too soon and just keep experimenting with different approaches. I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough.:slight_smile:


Well, still not much luck on the cockpit area so …

enlarged the side gun pods as it looked as if only Yoda would fit into them … added missile bay and part of the missile loader mechanism …


nice update


Mmmmmm Choclaaaate.
Pretty nifty modeling Thar…
Looks quite correct…
awaiting update.