HMC9: Jango Fett


Kamino it is…


Re: Airflow

Have you thought about teaming up with the person doing the Slave 1 / Kamino scene? Being as you’re tight for time, and they can use a Jango…:thumbsup:


nice pants wrinkles. this is lookin really good. i’m just curious why most of the “fett” entries are building theirs from the boots up? anyway, good luck. i will fallow this one closely



Re: RedRepublic.

I asked exactly the same thing!:scream:

Must be something to do with those fancy boots the Fett boys wear…or maybe a warm up for the more difficult parts that lie ahead?:shrug:


80’s disco or Corescant night life. But yeah, Fett looked better on Kamino.


Any one got some decent highres shots of Kamino? Would be cool to have him standing on a platform looking into the rain, or lightning…


I posted some links over at 3DU for you mate if they are any good for you …


Thanks evah soh much sah!


thats a really great way to work. Quite modular! Looking good man!


When I build characters I either start from the hand, the foot, or the chest. I very rarely start with the head unless its a bust. Its just how I prefer to model, I think someone else was building a fett when I entered, but I hadnt seen it till after my boot was posted, its prolly the same for him, starting off on somthing not as detailed as a face is a better way to plan out an organic.


It doesnt really matter what end you start at.

well it makes no difference to my character modelling anyway, they still turn out wrong …:shrug:

I’m looking forward to seeing your environment mate. Should be pretty cool .


Yeah, Im not sure how far out we can extend our diorama’s, but Im gonna have him on a podium, overlooking a stormy sea, meebe Ill put obiwans vehicle off in the distance, like its heading in to land on Kamino for the first time… :slight_smile:


Ah, I love thouse futuristic commersial posteres. Looking great so far.


Ok, I just finished some freelance work, so Ill be back on the ole bucket head as of tomorrow…


yay that means updates soon! =) fett’s looking really good so far :thumbsup: lookin forward to seeing the rest of him and your scene setup


Yeah, and after this Fridays excesses your head will be in a bucket all weekend …:beer:


3DU in the house…

Great Work Airflow, but you should have done bobba…:bounce:


Looking good Airflow. Lets see that environment! You always have something good up your sleeve in that department:cool:


Ok last post before I head him back off to Kamino…
On thing I noted was that I got his neepads the wrong way round…


Normal mapped? Nice Job!

The pantlegg going through the shin-guards is kind of curious…