HMC9: Jango Fett


Ok, so my will power was weak…
I still feel that I wont have the time to finish this due to work, but what the heck.



Hmmm…I sense a presense I’ve not felt since…

<Boone runs off to Simjoy>

Boone: “He IS here!”

Simjoy: “Airflow? Surely he must be dead by now? Put all sections on alert!”

Boone: “I must face him…ALONE.”

Seriously, its great to see you here.:thumbsup:


Small update


Who new that when Jango created so many clones they would all turn up on CGS in the same week ??

'tis a veritable Fett fest here just now :smiley:

nice start mate. Hope you have time to finish it to your usual standard …


need to tweak some stuff a bit, but thats the boots blocked out. Onto the Shin armouur and Knees.


Damn, thats some nice foot wear!


Last post till next week


What do you mean your having time off ?? you’ve only just started …:twisted:

Looks good so far, although he does appear to be sinking …



I can’t wait to see this finished off : )

Easy on the pants. Wouldn’t want them too bumpy…


Im deciding on resculpting the pants, Id like them to be animatible as in cloth sim, but Ill just get the pose and sculpt in the creases.


Taking the lower jumpsuit into zbrush to do some sculpting on it.


Lower body zbrush


Wow, thats a nice pair of pants.:applause:


Thanks, unfortunatly exporting the disp was far too time consuming, so Ill re-do the sculpting in mudbox and extract a displacment to use.


Took it into mudbox, my problems havent dissapered tho, Im getting weird banding on my disp maps when I export, so this will have to do for now, its a normal and bump map.
Now onto the rest of the gear, knee pads and thighpads next.


I like the Jango-dancing box thing you got going here, but maybe…maybe Jango’s clothes arent baggy enough? Hmmm, nah I reckon it will balance out with the armour on.

Keep going as I’m sure this will be another strong contender for the top spot.:thumbsup:


Thanks very much.
Well its currently a normal map, not a displacement, so its less baggy than it should be, and the other consideration is having him on Kamino, in the rain, so right now its in limbo.


it’s looking good since now !! continue this way !




looks good …

I like the Kamino rain idea, it would suit the character more than the '80’s Disco thing you’ve got going on …:smiley: