HMC33 - Non-Entry: Masters Of Anime: Akira Toriyama


This is a non-entry/just-for-fun post, seeing as Toriyama wasn’t selected as one of the masters for the challenge. I have cleared it with Roberto to post this so it’ll mostly just be for my own amusement…

I’ll be doing a model of Trunks from Toriyama’s DragonBall Z, more specifically the long haired Future Trunks.

I’ve been working on this for a few days already and this is where I’m at

The head was started from a basemesh, I was initially going for a smooth and accurate representation of the anime style, but it sort of morphed into this kind of semi-realistic look.

The body was done from a sphere using dynamesh (god I love dynamesh). It’s still in early stages, I’ve barely done anything to the lower body (it’ll be under pants anyway), and the forearms are a little funky…lol…I’m sticking more to “dragon ball” anatomy than real world anatomy and will try and give it the semi-realistic look i gave the head.

I’m also loving the new fibermesh stuff in Zbrush 4r2b, its quick and easy to set up a rough hair do to help visualise things. It really helps not having to look at a bald head all the time…this is the basic look i’ll be going for with Trunks, its closer to his hair after he came out of the hyperbolic time chamber.


Nice sculpt man. Welcome in the challenge, but I don’t think you can challenge with us, if you choose an other masters then the one selected.

It’s like: I go in ignoring the fact that alll the others challengers follow the main rules.

But Have fun, You can add this to your portofolio anyway


I think that’s why he made it a non-entry. I don’t think he plans to submit it for judging, but he wants to play along. Anyway, good luck with Trunks. He’s a close second favorite of mine (Gohan being first :smiley: )

I think you might like this thread:

Good luck!


As i said in my first post, this has been cleared by Roberto. I’m posting this for fun, and to join in on the topic of this challenge but with a subject I was more comfortable with (I’m unfamiliar with a lot of the actual choices). I’m fully aware that my entry doesn’t qualify for voting and that it isn’t technically a part of the challenge proper (it’s been done before). That was never the intention. The intention was to ease myself back into the HMC group, which I’ve been away from for too long, and I thought this was a good opportunity to do so.


yeah i love those models…they were a big help to me back when we did 80’s cartoons and I did Goku and Vegeta…except back then I didn’t have Zbrush and did the whole thing with poly modeling…lol…


Love his expression!


Man he is built like a brick house. Nice work Paul.


You nailed Trunks pretty good on the sculpt style.
The body and face is definitely out of DBZ.


@Fjompe: thanks

@WyattHarris: yeah I figured the more jacked the better…lol

@RoninCGT: thanks, at least I know I’m on the right track

I’ve restored his dignity…Trunks finally has some…well…trunks…first pass, I’m thinking I might tear them up a little…not really sure how I’ll do that…but I’m sure I’ll work something out…lol…

these were done from a dynamesh sphere like the body


Great sculpt, your work have anime style!


Looks pretty tight. Wrinkles in pants could be looked at.


@Tombery, Airflow: thanks

right…so I took a stab at the boots this afternoon. I was determined to create them entirely in Zbrush using dynamesh, and for only 2hrs work I’m quite pleased with how they’ve gone. They’re still only rough…but they’ll do for now…

I started with the standard cylinder and stretched it into a rough boot shape, mirrored & duplicated it and then activated dynamesh and went to work…


last update for tonight…

added his belt and singlet…

not sure about some of the wrinkles on the singlet…but I’ll go back to those later…


Very Cool!



didn’t get a lot done tonight, but I got the rough dynamesh version of the jacket done…

i think i’m going to have to retopo some of this stuff soon…poly counts are getting quite high as I add pieces…


did a finishing pass on the jacket…and tried to do some roughed up and torn sleeves with fibermesh…i think i’ll have to revisit those later…


i modeled trunks’ sword and sheath this morning…and roughly placed them in just to get an idea of how they look…

still thinking through ideas for poses as well…


okay, so everything is in place now…i think i might do some retopo now…my point count in zbrush is pushing 7 million…

and then once thats sorted I’ll pose and finish…and once i do the pose I’ll redo the hair too…


just fiddling around with something i had in mind for the pose.

I want to have him damaged and have it look like there’s a breeze blowing across…this is a rough idea of that…


been bogged down with some other work for the last week or so but i should be able to get back to this soon…