HMC16: Stan Winston Tribute :Stan Winston ICONS


Hi all

really very happy and inspired to be here , Stan Winston Studio’s stuff was my great influence to do what i do today
my inspiration to do what i will do here was the Makeup mag cover , i will just change the characters behind Stan. Some WIPS today yet.

please comments!




looking forward to seeing what you come up with Alex!


hi Mag,
how are you?

im working right now on it ,maybe i will post something sunday ,please wait

Alex Oliver


So here it is!:smiley:
Best luck here mate! I know you´ll rock this!!
I liked the cover idea, can´t wait to see it!
Aposto que já tem mais uns 20 prontos ne? hahaha
Abração man!


Yeah alex…sure I’ll be here looking for your entry mate…can’t wait to see what r u doing…
good luck buddy


mecman-thank you buddy!

grommievp- thank you! here’s ;

im posting the base mesh of the Predator , today i will post more;


This is a very big project… hope you’ll make it, then it is definitely a fantastic work.

What creatures are you planning to put behind Stan, apart from the predator?

Looking forward to the update!


matsman-thanks! im working on a Stan Winston likeness a Alien Queen , a Trex, a Pupimkhead and a Terminator/Arnold

here’s a update;


Man what can I say for now - This is looking damm perfect :thumbsup:

can’t wait for other ones :bounce:


Deepam-thank you!

here’s some previews of the anothers ;





Thanks for the link Alex. This is looking great!


Hey Alex, great start man. Are you planning to model all of these guys?? You’re a crazy man.
Good luck!



Wonderful base mesh and detail start, can’t wait to see more


Wow, that is quite ambitious. Good luck, I’m very excited to see this come together.


Hey they are looking good, and are you planning to do half Arnold half Terminator? Or just Arnold?


This can´t get any better!
Just show us more Alex!

See you!


The Predator is looking super nice! Still too early for the others. Good luck with getting them all finished in time!


BryanWynia-Thank you buddy!

Antropus-ahahha , i will try Kris, thank you!

teleman-thank you!

WyattHarris-ok! thank you!

TimCallaway-half Arnold half terminator,thank you!!

fabiopaiva-thank you my friend

Jedi-Juice-thank you!

spme updates;




These are looking brilliant. I hope you manage to finish them before the deadline. Well, even if you don’t finish them on time, you’ve just doubled your Gallery content, LOL

Also I really like the clay shadder your using. Where did you get it? or did you make it?

Keep it up!



oh my god ! lots of works ! great ! and good luck !