HMC MINI-Challenge #37: Femme Fatale!: Betty White as Samus Aran


Hello, I will be doing a mash up of Betty White as Samus from Metroid.


well that was unexpected…lol…should be interesting…


Some reference would be cool. You are going for a young Betty White right?


Thanks for the interest. I am thinking this:


any particular reason for picking her? interesting choice i guess.


Lol, I love the idea. Everyone gets old right, even Samus.


I always like to do mashups for some reason. I will start creating a basemesh of Betty, full body even though she will be covered in armor. There may be some nudity involved so caution!


I started working on her face. Here is a wire and a solid.


Your wire looks nice, but, currently the face looks planar, and is missing the shape of skull. may be a rough doodle in zbrush or mudbox will give you a better idea of forms and volume, of your character, it is just a thought, hope you would be doing it after constructing the base mesh.


Thanks for the feedback. I decided to start with a zsphere base that I will do a base sculpt, then retopologize and do a high poly. Here is this base. It will be a little stylized.


I’ve started to rough out my base mesh. Anyone getting Forbidden message from imageshack?


Yes, forbidden from Imageshack.


Guess I won’t use imageshack. Here was my update from yesterday. Still roughing proportions of Betty. I don’t really want to look at more old naked women.


I did a little bit of the face. I need to retopologize so I can get better resolution in the face.


Very Early work on Betty’s head. Just about 25 mins so far. I will keep it low subdivison till I get good likeness.



nudity warning is one thing, nasty troll body is another.

I get that you’re thinking of samus as old, but c’mon it’s still samus.

athetic super people still look pretty good when they get older. Look at Dara Torres, I know she’s only 45 but I bet she’ll still look good in 20 years.


Ha ha, image shack attack!
Yeah you might want to stretch the base form out a bit.
Interesting one this.



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