HMC MINI-Chalange#37:Femme Fatale! Milla Jovovich Raider Reboot.


Hi guys!
Late to the party but I couldn’t resist. Very nice stuff here already.
I want to model Milla and redesign the Tomb Raider outfit. Not too sure which way to go on the hardware. I love the hitech look but also the raggedy Ann feel of Resident Evil Extinction. Anyhow the research:

My first base of the Milla model:

Not the final hair just a fill in to get a bit of a face impression:

Been great watching this comp so far and I look forward to kickass stuff to come.



Woo Kanga! Good to see you.
That is quite a good start there.


Agreed very nice, where do you find the time, I get half an hour to an hour on each update.


WyattHarris, hey Wyatt my ol Skyrim racing buddy :slight_smile: Thanks man.

Airflow, Thanks! Yeah I am a freelancer and I hope this is also a bit of promotion.



very good choice. Looking great as well!


Great choice, I honestly never would have thought of casting her as Lara, but now that you’re proposing it, she actually seems like a much better fit that Angelina Jolie, still not ideal but much better.

Nice work so far on the body. A good likeness, albeit stylized, is already there.:thumbsup:
On the crit end, I’d probably suggest to pull the iliac crest down a bit. Seems to be riding too high on the waist.


DDS Thanks man!

Seravi yup the crest is too high. Pulling it down :slight_smile:
Thanks! Yes the base is stylized and I am using markers that I think will push the female aspect. The best thing about zbrush is that the model will stay fluid throughout the whole process so the costume and figure base can evolve to take advantage of comments.



Hey Kanga, good start.

Just wondering what material are you using inside zbrush?
How did you make the base mesh for the hair?
was the base mesh created within zbrush?


gyarados thanks!
The material is the basic 1 standard material. I cant seem to use matcaps for sculpting and I don’t know why that is. The base mesh is just some quick zspheres as this is just a standin mesh.



so you render in Arnold?


Scote no Arnold.

Mostly mentalray but lately more in ZBrush’s BPR for hi res sculpts. Just curious why did you think I use the Arnold render?


You could try matcap grey i usually find it transfers to 3dsmax quite well. You are really good with zspheres especially for the hands and feet I usually mess up badly with zspheres around that area.


The standard shader is the offical name of the basic material in Arnold. It’s like a architectural material


Ah yeah I will have to learn to tweak those matcaps :slight_smile:
The zspheres is just for the base figure. I sculpt it a bit then take the mesh into max and fix it. zspheres are not symetrical so deleting half the mesh, fixing it and then using symmetry gives pretty good results.

Ah so I get it, thanks that was puzzeling :slight_smile:



A quick block in of a costume:

Full Size here.

I think the shorts are kind of a trade mark so I used them, no shorts no Lara I guess. She needs to be refined and grunged :)!

Been watching the other threads and everyone is coming up with great stuff.

Cheerio for now.


To add full size with link, easily, just click on [insert hyperlink] then [.img]yourimgurl[/img] then enter in your image url in the second box. The full size image works for me with google chrome :surprised

Anyway, i really like the design especially around the stomach area, are you using panel loops? please explain.
Can you also explain how you did those wraps at the bottom of her legs please?

Also, her arms look a tad bit too long?

keep rocking.


Thanks gyarados!

Shorter arms:

Doncha just love zbrush for editing :slight_smile:

Yes the clothing uses panels. They are derived from extracting meshes from the main figure. I am still just messing around with them and so far they are pretty nice.

The straps and wraps are done in 3dsmax. I just made a duplicate of the main figure and deleted the 2 lower sub divisions then GoZed the dupe to max. In max I made the figure transparent and used polydraw to place poly strips on the surface. Using the shell modifier it gives the strips depth and also encloses them which is something zbrush seems to like.

Before I start the character I always unify the base stub mesh in zbrush so I am sculpting on the best size and then GoZ the base back to 3dsmax till I have the export settings in zbrush matching my preferred size in max exactly. Once I have that I save out the document as a project, but export setting will stay put with a tool save as well.

Anyhow once the strips are drawn and shelled I Goz back to zbrush then activate my figure in the menu, append the new strips and sculpt them using backface masking. That’s it really.

If you want fancy straps then the curve brushes will work magic. Since this is a quick block in it was just as fast to do little stuff like this in max.



I think what u’r doing it’s getting very nice:)
I luv Zbrush as well.
Cn’t wait to see ur char all done.



ARTISTOC, what a lovely thing to say,… thankyou!



Very nice mashup, good work.