HMC Challenge:11 Jeil warrior



I really like what you have done with the 3d piece, but I am curious as to why you did not stick with the original concept you started with? I was really looking forward to seeing that done…


Very cool modeling work.

I like the added hair and facial features.


looks really good man…how did you pull of the hair? thanks


Fantastic job with the muscle anatomy - right on the money. :thumbsup:


Whoa, that’s badass.


hey why dont ya reply lemme think ???//

why why why thinking


Why the hell should anyone teach you ZBrush, go look up tutorials on the internet.
Lazy bum


That looks outstanding! Your muscle detail is through the roof.


Man… this is a cool looking model. I really like the way its turned out. If you did happen to go back and make changes though… I would really love to see his head a little better proportioned to his body. The body flows reaallly well and is nicely stlylized… but I feel like the head should be longer and slightly bigger to match what’s going on elsewhere. One more small detail that might look nice is a little more asymetry in the model. Rock on!


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