HMC Challenge:11 Jeil warrior


Hi guys,I also wonna to participate ,so
here is my concept:

good luck to everyone;)


Hi ,today i’ve begun modelling,:slight_smile:
i started from the head,
here is the very early steps,just modeling the “base mesh” for the head:

and any comments are welcome :wink:
and thanx Kerem Beyit and Ceidot for the concept :wink:


Your concept art is amazing. Your block in of the head looks great as well. Can’t wait to see the rest.


amazing concept! Model is going great too. I guess the blue one is the last? I would make it a bit more easy to read next time :wink:


yes Elfenlied i like this concept very much…,
DDS i will :p…

and some updates:

and the ear ,

and,again any C&C are welcome :wink:


nice progress… i like the topo of the body…


Yes yes, very good. Nice concept and good execution, I like it very much.



IMO the nose could be quite a bit wider. great work though so far! good luck


hey guys, hi again, at last i had time to finish the mesh.
now i will begin Zbrushin,there i will tweak proportions, and add details,
good luck to everybody,
simonjaap yes, i will wider the nose …:wink:

and some progress again:

and here is the final mesh for Zbrushing:


hi again:),
i’m now in Zbrush ,wonna to show my first progresses,i plan to model him with armour,with clothes,and without all of these.,
any C&c are welcome…!


Nice progress and topo! Excellent!

This is continuously looking great.:thumbsup:


Hi guys again and TheRazorsEdge thanx
i will show some updates ,i have finished the main modeling process,now i need to do some posing,texturing, some detailing,hair,… wow how long i need to go?:),…

my current progress:

with gold pants:)

head detail:

here is different shaders tests

here is finished topology view and UVW views


This looks amazing I love how clean the UVW breakdown is do you think we could get a front and a size of the character with the green seems, I would love to see how they run, Damn beautiful and the anatomy is awesome!!!



Wow! :eek:

i love the concept, and the modeling and anatomy are so perfect! great work!


hi guys,
Lordrych thanx ,but there is not any seems in the front, the best angle is the back,but i will show the front.
engelik thanx;)
due to the fact that,i started a bit later :P,
wonna to work on him a bit more(till monday) so
here is my current progres ,


i see ,there is a problem,with my post,here is my final entry,i pmed to Roberto,but he havent replied yet,it say i have uploaded too many imags?…/sacla_arxa.jpg…ct/sacla_on.jpg

beauty render


Hey… Can u plz tell me how you modelled these hair???
Thanks in advance…


O Really nice work
Keep it up.


Awsome modeling skills, the muscle deffinition looks sick, makes me wana work out but I am too lazy so I know I wont. Anyways, keep up the good work, vgood progress. :thumbsup:


hot one dude one hell of a concept but one request can you teach me the skill of zbrush please