HMC 9 tatooine race


hi everyone, this is my first participation on HMC, i just finish my 2nd year in visual effect last week and i have to do my book, i hope done my pics at time…
ok i just started modelling the sebulba’s pod this morning, i post a screen of it:

PS : sorry for my poor english


i upgrade my post i work all the last journey and this mornig, now i’m here:

of course i have to do more ans more details but the essential is here…
hope u like!


Well, thats a cracking start and a good look at whats yet to come. Good luck with the challenge!:thumbsup:


thanks man, i worked on it a little bit this afternoon but no really advance, i have to do a great image for my book, i search job now i have to do a good demo reel…

tomorrow i’ll post news, ++ guy


looking great so far… no crits. im looking forward to the next updates


ok just a little update, i do some details but i have not yet finish, here is an occlusion pass:


Looking neat already.


hi everybody,

here is an update of my sebulba’s pod, not finish for the modelisation i have to put some pipes but i did the “mini pod” draged behind the reactor…
hope u like!


looking good so far =) wow for a little bit there I forgot all about the podracers


another update of what i do this journey, some details has been added…


if i have the faith i gonna do the UV…


WOOT!! Great modeling! Cant wait to see this textured with scortch marks and stuff.



thanks for your support man, not easy to work with this beautifull time!
i hope finish the UV tomorrow…
see u next!


ok i did my UV’s pod and i began the texture, here is just the diffuse color, i have more details to put on it and most of things to rework but the essential is here…

hope u like


I like.
Good job on thouse textures. And the modeling is awsome, looking really cool man.


Now that looks super. Definitely a strong contender…:thumbsup:


thks a lot man, i just finish the diffuse, i begin the specular and the bump texture…
that’s my first personal project apart from my classes, i hope finish in time before i go in stage to paris…


Looking good, I cant wait to see it in motion.


Great modeling. The detail is incredible. Good start on texturing, you’re really ripping through this.


thks thks thks, i also did the spec. and bump texture,i’ll do that of the pod tomorrow…

here is the final render with 2048x2048 textures:


sebulba’s pod finished!
here is the latest textures and the finish render of the pod…
hope u like it!!

and now i’ll make the decor, this night or tomorrow…