HMC 9 : Star Wars Tribute : Geonosis and Orray


Hi everyone :slight_smile: This is my first hardcore modeling challenge here. I really like star wars, so I just wanna enjoy doing 3d model from the movie. I was thinking doing organic modeling so I will go with Geonosis riding on Orray. It’s from EP II Attack of the Clones. you will see these characters in Geonosian arenas scene.

Here are some references!!

Conceptual design and sculpts by

Doug Chiang
Michael Patrick Murnane
Edwin Natividad


Actually, I just saw this challange a week ago so I only have 2 weeks to do this project.

Start base model in Maya and will sculpt in Zbrush. I don’t know if I can finished it in time. but here is my progress so far.
I finished base model and uv lay out. now I’m sculpting characters in Zbrush. I plan to pose the charecters in Maya later on.


Here is my progress from Zbrush sculpting at Subdivision 3. Still need a lot of detail work.


very nice so far. The detailing is coming along nicely. can’t wait to see more of this one.


I’ve never liked the Geonosians from a design perspective. They just look like sculpted turds with wings. Good modeling though! Looks like you got your UVs really tight!:thumbsup:


Yeah, appart from the model being quite good, those UV’s are ABSOLUTELY amazing…care to share your secret?


Awesome Thee… you have only few weeks. but your start is really great.

you will complete and will be one of the best models… keep it up.



Thank you for the complements you guys:)

According to laying out UV, I found that Unfold UV option in Maya is really do very job for organic model. But still need few manually tweaking. If you guys know any other ways please let me know.

Generally, I select the object and saw UV to make sure that there is no seperate shell. then I cut UV along the edges that It is make sense to unfold and use Unfold UV.

I sometime start with Automatic projection first for complex object. Then saw UV to get a few pieaces of Shell and finally use Unfold UV ( I usually set weight solver to 0.5 but It’s depending on the resault ).

I also try Hinding the seem to some certain areas or cover it with other objects.

Honestly, this is the most boring part to me but also one of the most important part of the project.


Your work is so nice! :applause:
Keep working ka.
Fighto! Fighto!

Cheer up!



Here is Zbrush sculpt detail on Orray. I mostly worked on head and neck.


Amazing job, very nice sculpting in zbrush, even though you don’t get to finish I think this will be my favorite entry or at least one of my favorites.


Well here is the thing…
is a perfectly acceptable entry. As they say, the textures and the nice render are the gravy.
After all we just care about the modeling.

BTW Great work!


Here is my pregress.


really nice sculpt! would love to see it animated at some point.

I recomend you all check out RoadKill for precision uv unwraping at a touch of a button :slight_smile:


Your work is so great :thumbsup:.
It has a lot of progress.
Keep working naka


This is great, really like the muscle definition on the beast!


Hey… Bring my jaw back. it’s awesome.


chesterjoe - I’m glad that my work will be one of your faverite :slight_smile: Thank you.

RobertoOrtiz - OK! I will focus on modeling. Thank you

eddperetti - It will save a lot of my time. Thanks for the UV unwraping suggestion :slight_smile:

Sweettea - Thank you ka!!

Cat-mad23 - Thank you for the comment. :slight_smile:

taehoon - haha Thanks Taehoon


wow man
you’re ZBrush sculpting looks very nice.
I agree with the earlier posts about your UV layout, very nice.
You obviously can work very fast.


4 days to go ka!!!

Su Su naka :slight_smile:

I believe you can do it ka.