HMC 9: STAR WARS TRIBUTE: Boushh Frees Solo


There’s no better time for my first foray into an HMC than this, as Star Wars has been such an influential entity throughout my life. I will be attempting to recreate the scene where the mysterious bounty hunter Boushh frees Captain Solo from his carbonite tomb.

EDIT: Some reference of what I’m shooting for:
[li]Han in Carbonite[/li][/ul]
[li]Leia in Disguise[/li][/ul]
[li]Jabba’s Favorite Decoration[/li][/ul]


Finally, some progress. Here is the early stage of Solo’s carbonite block. I need to add some ventilation slats to the top, and then I’ll start carving Captain Solo out of it. I started on Boushh’s helmet on Friday and will have some images in the coming days.


I decided to put down the carbonite block for a bit today and restart Boushh’s helmet. Here’s the progress so far:


ohhh, good choice! will keep an eye on this =)


Thanks Manny. Jabba’s court is one of my favorite set pieces in the original trilogy, and seeing an Alderaanian princess skulk around there in a bounty hunter disguise was just classic.

Small update from this morning with more detail added to the helmet:

After a break for lunch I’m going to start laying out the scene and hope to have an image of that posted tonight.


I put some shots of the original costume in the reference thread…good luck with it.


Those shots help immensely. I’ve been able to find tons of good shots of the original helmet, but not of the full costume - particularly the boots. Thanks a lot, Chris! :thumbsup:


My update for the day. I have more details to add to the ear region, the “sensor” that pokes out of the left side, and a strap that runs around the back of the helmet, but as for the overall shape I need to put a stamp on it and move on to the other parts of the scene and the rest of the body. After those other details are added I’ll cook off some renders of the other sides of the helmet.


This is going to be a strange request, but has anyone ever seen a layout or blueprint of Jabba’s throne room/court? I have plenty of still grabs from the DVD, but as I’m trying to lay out the room (especially the little corner where he hangs Solo) I’m having difficulty figuring out the transition between the arched alcoves in the back of the room and Han’s corner.

I suppose if I still had Star Wars Galaxies installed I could just go into the Palace myself and see what it looks like, but alas I quit that game months ago.


Small update for today, as I’ve begun roughing out the room and building some furniture.


A very cool scene and very impressive modeling going on here. I raelly like it so far.
I used to play SWG aswell, but I don’t have any snapshot of that room.
But it looks like you are doing a good job anyway.


nice choice! can’t wait to see more updates… esp Han in carbonite… that should be a lot of fun to do =)


PKT: I went back and grabbed some shots from some other scenes in RotJ besides when Boushh is rescuing Han, and they helped. Particularly when 3PO and R2 are presented to Jabba and when the band is playing for him before Ooala is fed to the rancor. The throne room is lit much brighter at the time and you can see a lot more detail in these scenes. Plus, it kept me from going back and playing a video game under the guise of “research.” :smiley:

Whyst: Han is what I’m most looking forward to. After another day or so of carving out the environment, I’m going to spend a week on Boushh and then the forseeable future on that chunk of carbonite.

Speaking of the room, here’s a small update.


Wow Awesome Detail, This is gonna look good, I can’t wait to see the adobe walls when you are all done with the lighting!!! Hellz yeah, You gotta have Leia holding the thermal detonator



Nice work.
if you want to texture and set up a good light for this scene it can be pretty tough.
good luck


This is an awesome scene and modelling! I wouldve liked to have done this for the comp myself but after almost two years in doing environments im a little over it hehehe

GL!! I’ll be watching this thread!!



This is looking very nice. The room is impressive so far, especially the tables. I agree with an earlier post, lighting this will be tricky.


Well, progress slowed to a near halt over the last day or two. Character modeling is very new to me, so creating the figure of Boushh is going to be a significant challenge. For the past two years I’ve been tasked exclusively with making aircraft and mechanical parts, so this next step will be quite different - but it’s a welcome and necessary change of pace.


Here’s a couple of shots of today’s work. I just started the backpack, and hope to wrap it up tonight or early tomorrow.


A small update, finally.


Very detailed. Looking great!