HMC #9: Naboo N1 Starfighter.


I’m going to try for a Naboo hanger scene of a Naboo N1 Starfighter. Not aiming for prizes but simply as something to do in the evenings.

A thought is to have one thats really old - in the time frame of A New Hope. Some trader has picked one up and has become fond of it or treats it like a classic - something to brag about.:slight_smile:


Yes, I’ve decided to show a beat-up N1 Starfighter and put it in the time of Empire Strikes Back.

Dont know what happened to Naboo after Episode III:ROTS but I am guessing it became a battle ground like the rest of the Galaxy. Perhaps this N1 belongs to a Rebel Sympathiser who still proudly retains their links with Naboo by wearing clothes that resemble the planet’s better days. Maybe they are a spy for the Alliance - keeping in with the idea that if Queen Amidala employed the tactic of decoys and Naboo security setting up resistance groups(mentioned in Ep1:TPM) then it gives weight to them being a spy or intelligence gatherer.

Perhaps they are running to their ship upon detection, or maybe they have landed on an Imperial Planet and cautiously exiting the N1…

Going to do a few concepts tonight whilst watching Episode1: The Phantom Menace tonight. God, I love research!:smiley:


Sounds like an interesting idea mate …

Yeah, being forced to watch Star Wars films for research is tough …:slight_smile:

I reckon i might have a go at this one as well, once i decide what i’d ike to do. i would like to do something a bit different from Xwings/ATAT’s/Tie fighters etc. but what i dont know …:shrug:



What I would suggest is trying something out - maybe a character you generated years ago in the SW RPG.

Hey, why not look up Dash Rendar’s ship The Outrider? Maybe Dash and LeeBo have landed on a Smugglers moon somewhere.

Oh, and I must recommend the first Dark Empire graphic novel. The battle for mon calamari has some really nifty ships and characters. Maybe a pic of the dreaded World Devastators? Trust me, its a worth a butchers.:thumbsup:


Damn, trust me to go for a sleek design which I’ve always found hard to do. Still, I won’t ditch it as there is much to learn from such a problem.

Might have a basic model by tonight…:shrug:


Just trying to get the basic shape. Next thing to do is make a more refined version…


Its a pretty good start for a basic shape. The tail need to be thinner behind the cockpit, but i’m sure you know that anyway …

keep at it mate :smiley:


great to see you in this boone! I’ll keep an eye : )


Thanks chaps.:slight_smile:

I’ve done a bit more since, but not quite enough for an update. But in the end I’ll most probably rebuild it using NURBS or something. I shall see how it goes first…


How about a clay render?


Haha, maybe if I had enough bags of the stuff and a workshop I would do it…:slight_smile:


if you don’t know how to do a clay render in max talk to sim or airflow. They will get you going : )

Here is one of Airflow’s clay rendered models:

In maya I use a script called GI_Joe. In Max I think it is easier to achieve without a script or anything…


OMG, I always wondered how he managed to make such excellent models in MAX.

Thanks for the heads up - I shall look it up in my MAX Bible.:thumbsup:


or a google search for 3ds max clay render…


Found it. Quite a nice result I must say. Thanks once again!

Oh, I better state my reference…


…which is highly recommended for others looking at referencing The Phantom Menace.:thumbsup:


Not exactly a huge update, but I’ve been experimenting to not much success. Oh well, one must press forward!


Change of colour, and some barely noticable edits…


Its coming along nicely now mate.

You’ll get there …:slight_smile:


can you try changing the color to a nice default grey with a nice default material. It will be easier to see details etc.

Looks like it is coming along really nicely though : )

Something is going on with the front of the torpedo things and I can’t tell if its supposed to look that way or you need to add more poly’s etc to smooth out the stepping.

Anyways, Nice Job!


Thank you kindly, Simjoy!

Oh, so it has a term? “Stepping” it is then! Yes, the side “Torpedo engines” are not actually part of the main mesh, but you are correct in that I need to do much more work on them.:slight_smile: