HMC #9: General Kenobi


My aim is to model General Kenobi from the clone wars tv series (Basically the young obi-wan, but in clone armour, with robes over the top.)

Here’s where i’m at atm, the armour isn’t finished (he has no hands for instance) and needs tweaking to get it right (the pecks area follows round the body, whereas on the armour at the edges it comes out, the stomach area is a bit iffy as well). It isn’t currently fitting properly either, i need to tweak it to get rid of the intersecting.
Any crits are appriciated.

My workflow: I built a very basic base, sculpted it for propotions in Silo. The armour was then built onto that with the surface snapping tool.

Here you can see the mesh it’s built on.

Here’s my progress on the head. Hair was just a stand in to see what its like

quick test to see the armour and head together. still tweaking. built a base for the cape and the jacket. needs the belt to really make it pop, thats next on the agenda, then sculpting so it looks normal. (Some tweaks made between shots of armour from the top to here.) I’ve been informed that the knee pads are too big, which they are, so i’ll be fixing that shortly.

C&C welcome


Started working on getting the posing right before i carry on.

here’s the image its based on.


I always liked the amour they put on Obi-Wan for the Clone Wars cartoon - shame he never had it for ROTS.

I’m gonna keep and eye on this one.:thumbsup:


Its looking very nice. but you need to do some refining of your mesh, if you overlay your redferance ontop of your last render you should see some points that could need fixing…
Nice going.


Was his face this wrinkled? I don’t remember it being so in RotS. Other than that, love the Jedi in armor, looking great.


Cheers guys. I’m still tweaking everything, and i followed the overlaying the image suggestion earlier, noticed some points that i’m still trying to tweak, thanks :slight_smile:

Tweaked size of all the leg componants, the feet still seem too small, but i might have to remake them, becuase resizieing isn’t working. Tweaked the beveling on the chest piece. Changed the pose slightly.


still alive, been getting a little frustrated at this project, so left it on hold for a few days. back to it now

still posing, merged it all into zbrush. from here i’m gunna sculpt the cloth bits so they’re more shapely (the hands etc). Still fiddling proportions, now, to me, the head looks too small :confused:


The head proportions are off I think, scale that head up bro, the hand looks on the thin side, and the boots could use a couple sizes biger as well. =)
The face isnt quite there yet, keep it going man! gl!


What he said…
I took the liberty of tweaking the image a bit to proportion the figure a bit better.


cheers guys, comments are appricated. this was done before i saw your posts, so I have to retweak. I shall do that tomorrow morning :slight_smile:
the camera was normal Zbrush view in the last shot, heres a shot, with some tweaks, in perspective.
*Gave the hands some more shape (still need work, but zbrush is being wierd and i keep getting black dots popping up, i’ve had it before in games, but not for a long time now :/)
*Scaled the feet
*Scaled the head - Needs to be bigger still.


still tweaking. changed the proportions to match roberto’s image, and the suggestions. still needs more?
Slowly tweaking the head, trying to get it looking better. this image the forhead looks somewhat broken, so i’ll fix that this evening.

does anyone know how in zbrush 3 i get it so that it selects more than 1 subtool, or none at all, so that it all renders with the same tone?


No, I don’t think you can work with separate subtools like that by design. I’ve seen a few posts at zbrushcentral about moving subtools together and editing together but not…

Wait a minute, try this.

Plug-in combines subtools into one tool but leaves them as poly groups so you can use GrpSplit to extract them as subtools again.

Bingo! :thumbsup: Go gamemaster770!


Well, here’s my two cents…I think your modelling is good, but the pose isn’t and not just your pose, but the one of the actual toy. You need to be looking for a stronger silhouette. The right hand looks bad, mainly because the fingers are incorrectly twisted and the left foot could use a bit of rotation to the left. It would be really cool if you improvise a pose based on the toy, but without it’s flaws. Call me old fashioned, but I’m really tired of all the cliched heroic/spartan/atlas poses, everyone uses. No offence to anyone :slight_smile:


i hear waht you’re saying, bit too late in the day for this one tho. next project i’ll bear it in mind. i’ll try and do something with the right hand, becuase it does look dreadful.

cheers for that wyatt, i’ll look into it, thanks :slight_smile:

small update today. tomorrow i’ll work on the base, and the sabre/hand, then come back to it to see what else needs changing. i don’t have a hair solution, so i’ll have to try and keep it in zbrush, but i’ll prolly redo it.


small update on the base. didn’t get to do anything yesterday. Need to check proportions on the helmet, as it looks a bit small, might be perspective tho, we’ll see.
Gunna try and do the droids body now, so he has something to stand on (still not standing on anything atm :D)


the cod piece is lil bit small, looks great tho.


had a few things get in the way, but heres my progress. gunna tweak today, see if we can’t get this done soon.


Overall looks really good, but I’d agree with Robin that the codpiece does look a bit small. Another issue is that it doesn’t really look like he has a firm grip on the lightsaber. Kind of looks like it’s just floating in his hand, though it might just be the angle/lighting. Otherwise, great stuff :slight_smile: Do you plan to texture it?


right, not sure whats left for him tbh. made the groin bigger, and tried to grip the hand better, but without redoing it completely, i don’t think it’ll happen. kinda sick of it now, i wanted to maybe try and scratch up the armour, which i might still yet do, but bar that, i’m about done. can’t get the face to look how i want, and not completely happy, but with Zbrush crashing all the time, and the duration of the project, its about time. Not sure when the contest finishes, but i’ll come back at it with fresh eyes on monday, see what i think then.

I don’t atm, none of it is unwrapped, and its not made particuly efficently for it. bit of a learning experience for the armour, not done anything that style before, i might try out the poly paint in zbrush on it in the future, we’ll see :slight_smile:


Slap a lick of paint on him and bob’s your uncle:)