HMC 9: clonetrooper/order 66


hello everyone

this is a great idea for a challenge and i cant wait to see some of the entrys.

im gonna start by modeling a clone trooper, and im planning to have a few of them battling a jedi or two. ive already started modeling the helmet and ill post some images soon.


heres the main chunk of the helmet


Really awesome looking so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the trooper comes along.


thanks for the kind words maje3d.
ive spent alot of time on this and managed to get the majority of the upperbody modeled.


really good …

Instantly recognisable as a clone trooper, so i guess your halfway there …:wink:


Looking great! The clonetroopers were pretty cool and seemed to be a lot smarter than the dumber imperial stromtroopers that they were the predecessors of. Good luck!


thanks alot guys. the clonetroopers were far more usefull and seemed to have no problem finding the droids that they were looking for.

heres and update: hes got some legs now. most of the parts need tweaking and some need more detail, but im happy with the proportions. think ill build him a gun next.


I love the Clone troopers. They just seem so professional and kick ass - which they do in AOTC.


Beautiful modeled! Very believebale!

Keep on the good work!


really great work so far =) definitely looks like a clone trooper, especially that helmet! can’t wait to see what you do with the jedi =)


Even they appeared smart compared to the annoying droid army :rolleyes:

Good work … Definately needs a big gun though …


thanks everyone for the encouragement

turns out that the clones use both the dc-15a and the dc-15s blasters. i wasnt sure which one to model but seeing as im going to have a few clones ive decided to model both. i’ve started with the dc-15s. its pretty much done i just need to add some detail on the grip, im not sure about whether the top and left side of the blaster are correct because i can only find pictures showing the underneath and right hand side but i’ll keep looking.

as for the jedi that i am going to model, i cant decide whether to do obi-wan or one of the lesser known jedi. i was thinking of doing obi-wan because there will be tons of reference pictures.

simjoy; i agree about the droids, i would have much more respect for them if they managed to take out the gungans

roger roger


I liked the Gunguns:sad:

But yah, nice Blaster you have there.


Really good work! Go for Obi-wan! :wink:


you worked well, congratulation man …


thanks for your replies everyone

started modelling obi wan, just trying to block in the main shapes and find a pose that im happy with.
the tabards and the belt were made using z3’s mesh extraction, but i might model them from scratch to make them look a little cleaner around the edges
for the hair i have tried 3ds max’s hair tools but im not having much luck with it, so i will probably have to model it



modelled obi’s lightsaber i hope its the right one, he changes lightsabers quite often. i tried used hair and fur again but it was annoying me so ive modeled the hair and i think it looks alright.
still got alot to do; i need to work on the clothing to make it look more like cloth. i havnt really started on the boots or belt, and ill go back and work on the face to improve the likeness.

i will also have to think about a location for my scene soon (somewhere simple hopefully)


Looking great!

I guess the good thing is that you can…dare I say it…CLONE the trooper…lol…

Looks really good though, I like this choice a lot.

Keep it up!


thanks kmo, i guess thats one of the reasons i chose to do clones. so i can create a large scene in the time limit. also cos they look so damn cool

i have posed my first clone (much more of a headache than i thought it was going to be) and started the diffuse maps for the armour. this one will be shooting at obi from behind i think.
today i have also be working on the boots for obi wan, the shader kinda washes out all the detail but i think they look alright.
 i have also done alot more work on the head, ill post that when im a little happier with it.


Excellent stuff, mate.