Hmc 9 : Atst


Hi all, i’m just saving a place as i’ll be starting work on my project this weekend. What i’m doing is based on an incident that happened here in Melbourne yesterday. When a guy on his way to a star wars photo shoot for a free newspaper. Got arrested by the cops because he had a replica blastech stormtrooper rifle (lucky bastard for having the replica. not for getting arrested!) I thought of a nice gritty dirt graffitied alleyway in the city with an unexpected visitor. An ATST scout walker or a smaller personal transport version. not sure what they are called as i’ll have to look in my star wars fact files. Will be using 3D max, Photoshop and rendering with V-ray.

Stay tuned for more


This is an excellent idea - I look forward to seeing it fleshed out in the next few weeks.

FYI, the AT-RT is the smaller cousin to the AT-ST, and is a single-trooper walker. This might be what you were referring to in your post. It was seen primarily during the Battle of Kashyyyk in Episode III.


Here’s today’s work so far. Only started on the head of the AT-ST. this took about 3.5 hours

And a wireframe


looks great so far nice detail good luck


Today I managed to get in about 5 hours worth of modelling (never realised just how tricky an AT-ST really is!) I did the reactor cooling fans and radiators on the back of the cockpit module. was rather hard to do as most of the reference stuff i have doesn’t have the back view. Had to use a photo of a scale model and base it on that instead. Also added rear-side armour plating and extended the nose area were the twin blaster cannons are situated.

I also started work on the two side turrets for the blasters and concussion grenade launcher. The blasters are going to be a pain as I can’t find any really good close up shots of them.


Just spent a couple of hours being frustrated trying to model the side mounted weapons of the AT-ST. The concussion laucher was easy, but the blasters were another matter as i had a mongrel of a time finding any good refs for it. Ended up working off a pic from the Star Wars fact files that I have.

View of the concussion grenade launcher and mounting, which started as a spline and then collpased to an editable poly.

Here’s a pic of the side mounted blaster. I only have the chin mounted blasters to go and then it will be onto the drive train and hip area of the walker.


Cant help with any blaster pics, but it’s looking pretty good so far …

Keep it up …


This is really looking good man. Keep thouse updates coming.


I love the details man. keep it up :slight_smile:


Cool model man! I modeled one AT-ST 2-3 years ago but my harddisk died and now it´s gonne forever.

Good Luck!


Thanks a ton for the support everyone:thumbsup: The AT-ST is certainly pushing my modelling skills, definetely the hardest thing I have attempted so far. Sorry for not posting an update over the weekend but I had the unthinkable happen! Windows XP decided to die (lucklily all my MAX stuff is on another HDD partition!) and I had to re-install it along with everything else. Just glad I make backups of my stuff.

As you can see I have modelled the chin mounted blaster and now I have also modelled the drive train and and the main hip joint area, hoping to post some more pics tonight. Also have completely finished the head of the walker. Not sure how I’m going to texture this at the moment. May use quickdirt etc as UV-unwrapping something like this gives me the shivers. And seeing i’m still learning it’d take me ages to do.


As i said! Modeling an AT-ST seems to destroy something…

Good Luck, you need it! :wink:


This is very cool, I’m looking forward to see how the legs are going to turn out.


this is getting cool.


Looking real good man! Keep it up.

Will it be getting smashed by trees?


Thanks guys:thumbsup:

ProjectKMO: My AT-ST is going to be residing in a dirty gritty alleyway. I wanted to bring something from Star Wars into our world. Just for something totally different!

I will definetly post some more pics tonight of my progress. I’m hoping to have the model fleshed out within the next week. Then I can concentrate on doing the scene, also the model will not be rigged as I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it:sad: SO I will have to build it as it will be posed.
Anyway thanks for the support!


As promised an update showing the drive-train section and the start of the hip area. This has been a real challenge and I had to use a bit of “artistic-license” as refs were extremely hard to find of this area of the walker.

Also modelled the pivot between the head and body of the AT-ST

I have already started doing the legs and will post some more when they start to look decent!


Here’s another update on the progress of the AT-ST. I have completed the main hip area and am now starting on the actual legs themselves.

I will be making the legs in modular sections so I can either learn how to rig them or manipulate them by altering the pivot point.


Look awesome!

Are you using a model for ref? I ask because looking at what you have so far is bring back a lot of memories as a kid making my own SW movies and modding some models to have articulate legs/parts etc…and them blowing them up.

anywho…looks great!


looking good, i like!
wainting for see it textured!