HMC #8 - Vasquez - LETS ROCK


I can’t BELIEVE no one choose this - this hero of heroes. My favorite action hero from my favorite action movie. Seriously, I don’t have a month or two weeks - my time on this piece will be measured by hours since I am terribly occupied otherwise. Translation - my spouse thinks that if I work on CG 9 hours a day, it means I have to do “other stuff” when I come back home. Silly girl! Does she understand nothing?

Anyhow, just because Vasquez was put on this list and I saw no-one coming forward, I decided I must. Shitty and rushed as the result may be.

SO - gathered very very piss-poor referances. Translation - found excuse to see Aliens again. Is there no front shot on this woman even once in the whole 2.4 hours extended edition??? Well, found some side shots and 3/4 and will have to try and imagine a perfect front. Here I go.


La la la…edgeloops and more edgeloops. Maybe I am putting too much effort in the edge flow. Should have made it a cube and exported to zbrush. Anyhow on we go, slowly slowly…

Front referance which really sucks starts to piss me off


christ I need a better front image. This will look like a chimp.

Now girlfriend says I must go. So I will return to this thing later… hopefully this will not get stuck forever at this stage. :slight_smile:


okay so now I have a couple more hours to put in this…I’ll try and get it to the zbrushing stage. I am probably putting way too much effort in proper edgeloops but that is all the fault of the (by far) greatest character modeler to ever step in the halls of Ubisoft Montreal - Maximillian Albert. He was my zbrush teacher and I hope he gets into a lot of trouble by pissed off colleagues after what I just wrote about him. Seriously though he is very good and I owe him my edge flow kong fu. So if it really sucks, it’s his fault.


Dude thats a beuatifull polyflow u hv going on, your teacher must be a very talented guy, i hope he gets into this contest aswell, its amazing how you can learn just by looking at those posts.
Great work so farl There is alot of ubisoft ppl showing of in here lately, do you guys do a litle competition in house with this comps?


Thanks a lot and no, I’m not in Ubisoft. I was taught by master Albert, who modeled stuff like the prince in the prince of persia cinematic. I owe him a lot, actually. (1.25$ for the cola machine). I have no idea if the guys in ubisoft use these challenges…I know their new cinematics modeler magdalene frequents these forums quite often, and I know that sebastien legrain is a demi-god and his work is all over the place. But other than that they don’t use these challenges…not to my knowledge. But I am usually wrong.

As for competition in ubisoft of course there is no such thing it is a productive environment and everyone just wants to learn from everyone.

However, each time I mentioned in Max’s class that sebastien legraine is a god you could hear the SQREEEEECH of Max’s teeth grinding against each other in agony.


Here’s the latest update. Now to make a freakin’ ear which I hate. Just so I could say that I built the model from scratch for this contest. I will make a very simple ear and try to use zbrush as much as possible. I hate ears. Oh did I say that before?

The flow is screwy at the back of the head but I think the ear connections will solve it.
Also, my front referance sucks ass and this thing will end up looking like shit. Why oh why did I ever enter this contest?


hehe yeah ears can be a sh… to model, your mesh is looking good, would be nice if you post your reference images, so its easier for ppl to coment in the model.
but you know, this kind of comps are really good to polish skills and it is a fun way to hv ppl interacting outside the office enviroment, the comps at cgchat ( game stuff ) are full of ppl from the same company participating in monthly comps in their spare time. In the last company i worked for we had a contest like this, but i can see that some ppl might see this too much as a competition instead of a good way to practice art in a team enviroment hving fun with ppl that you know and respect.


Ohhhh How I love doing ears. Well in this one I put in about half an hour, turning into the fastest and crappiest ear I have done in ever and ever. My first ear was better than this. There is no reason for this ear to exist except so I could say I made this from complete scratch. I am turning into a repetitive, crazy old man.

Overall, it looks like a mix between a chimpanzee and another chimpanzee, hit in the head by a sledgehammer till the cranium folded. I can’t believe I will ever touch this again. The shame. I’m not posting any referances because people will look at them, and at my model, and they’ll laugh.

Next comes uv’s and zbrushing. HOWEVER before going to bed I shall sacrifice a virgin goat to my god of character modeling, Max Albert, and tomorrow with zbrush this model will rule the earth! YES

But who am I kidding I live in a suburb of Montreal, it’s one at night, and there aren’t any goats around.


Your mesh is looking very good but i think that the neck is a little bit too long.


It’s looking nice. Looking at your post hopefully will clear up some of the edge loop issues I’ve been running into. What program are you uesing?


Hey hey, so how much do I own you for the sacrified virgin goat and this free publicity…

Do you have any front view from your model?

Ok so here comes the comment:

First: your mesh is really well aligned and is gonna deform perfectly when you gonna make shape on it.

Second: Like star is saying you should fix the lenght of the neck, you should also try to get rid of those hard edges that flow on the neck and the back of the head. I also think that the head is not large enought, but I don’t have a front view so it’s hard to say.

The modeling God…lol…



Great modelling,i like the mesh.


For I have sinned. I have made a big mess of the polys in the back of the head, I have not unwrapped properly the uv’s and I have not found a virgin goat in Longueuil. All the goats here are cheap :frowning:

But I’ll start with starscream.
Mr. Starscream82, thanks for your comment. I have seen your show when I was young all the time. Too bad you were always the #2 man for Megatron. Despite having the most annoying voice, the fact that you could turn into a jet was awesome. As for your critique, you must be blind. That neck is perfect.

Mr. Maximillian Albert…I cannot speak…thank you for coming to my humble futile attempt at modeling. What? The neck is too long? Absolutly master! You are right, you are right…I was blind and impotent while modeling this unworthy piece. I have corrected the wrong at once. As for animating I swear I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to animate this, but I am so scared that you won’t like my edge flow that I put in extra time just for that. Damn you! I used to do get_poly->cube and then zbrush it. Stop sitting at home crying that Sebastien Legrain is a better modeler and join this contest already!

FalseProfit, thank you a lot. One can learn a lot just by copying wireframes. I’m not saying mine is any good, but look at good ones and try to copy them. I plan on buying the Character Modeling 2 book and copying the Gears of War models. The program I am using is XSI which I find kicks all sorts of ass when it comes to modeling.

Sonic-X Thanks a lot.

To hell with the uvs. Mine are truely horrible. Kids - don’t uv like this. But there is an actual point I’d like to make - and this is all curtesy of learning from Max MG Albert here. To have an easier time in ZBrush, split your uv’s into different uv spaces, then use the polygroups->edge groups option in the Tool menu in ZBrush. What you will get is a very powerfull and fast way to hide or mask very specific parts of the mesh in ZBrush. When the MG taught me this I was skeptical. It’s not my fault - he looks like a 14-years old kid (he’s actually 15 I think). BUT I love this method. Once you try it once you can’t stop. So here I made a simple example - I select the eye polygons, go to the texture uv editor and in the U entry put “1+” which makes all the eye uvs jump a uv space. That’s it! Now repeat for the ears, lower mouth, and everything else you want to work on seperately.
The third image is the entire uv. Again, it is very badly done, but the concept of having 4 seperate uv spaces is shown. The face is in 1, the eyes in 2, the mouth in 3 and the ears in 4.

Thanks for your comments everyone, sorry for making this long, and mr. Starscream you know I was kidding :slight_smile: Thanks.


Work till 7, dinner, movie with girlfriend, then 2 hours by myself with the model and Zbrush.
Oh at last! I love zbrush. It takes so little time to get nice results even with minimum talent. Look at this! Starts looking less and less like a chimpanzee. Now, this is still very basic. Lots of work left specially around the eyes, mouth, nose and on other facial muscle groups. But for 6 hours of modeling I am pretty happy.

Noticed no responses since last post was huge so will keep this one tiny. Oh and last note about uv spaces from before, write 1+, 2+, 3+, etc. not 1+ repeatedly. Just in case. Also, I haven’t mentioned in this post Max Albert.


Do you have any pictures of the person you are modeling, it would help me give you some comments. But what I see right now is that you should work on the eyes, they seems a bit big. You should also take a closer look to the border of the mouth, they seem a bit edgy.


Roberto’s Bullhorn: One week to go! Just an FYI.



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