HMC 8: Maximus Decimus (bust)


I’ve decided to be part of this challenge by modeling the Russell Crowe (Maximus Decimus).
I hope to have enough time to finish on time and i apreciate any advice regarding my model.
For now i’ll post some of the references i’m using and the first update (a very wip one :smiley: )


Its great that you are part of the challenge.
I am a big fan of your works.

Its hard to crit your model in the curent state but i am confident that your entry will rock.
I will definatly keep an eye on your thread…



subscribed to this thread =)


Yes Wellcome to the fighters club Maximus!..:thumbsup:

Very interesting subject, very interesting artist,so will get some sparks here i guess!

Bafta ,sa-ti gasesti timp sa scoti ceva fain din caracterul asta ca merita…


super tare start my friend. knowing you, that probably took you five minutes and it already looks like him! damn you! :slight_smile: looking forward to more updates!


now make that +2…:slight_smile:

there isn’t much to critique…but I will comment about your modeling style…I like it…I’m sure it will turnOut great!!



well it doesn’t look much like ol’ rusty at the moment…but i have every confidence it’ll get there as it is still only early days…i’ll keep an eye on this one


hi misu, iam sure this gonna look gr8 at the end:thumbsup: . looking forward for the finished piece


wow, i feel like i really learned something on edge-loops and topology from studying that modeling sequence. it’s so clean, simple, and effective. watching…


Thank you all for your comments .
Here is the update with almost finished head geometry and some hair and skin shader test ( the skin textures are not finished yet … just a diffuse and simple bump map for now).


great resemblence … and cool hair :thumbsup: keep going


Very clean texture there man, however he has a much too young and pristine feel. in every part of the movie, he is basically dirty, tired and middle aged. Your model looks like early twenties just after a hot shower and full night sleep. Still it’s a beautiful render, but maybe add some sculpting under the eyes, throw in some dirt maps and see how it looks. Hope it helps.


looks great!
great likeness. the render on the right side looks beautiful.
this will turn into an amazing piece.


wow … fast reply :smiley:
I agree about the details on the skin (i’ll work on that)


hey now we’re talkin…likeness is really starting to come through now…

if you don’t mind sharing secrets could you give some idea of how you did your skin shader…as my attempts so far have been pretty dismal…lol


Yes this is what i mean with likeness…maybe the only one in this challenge who did it welll…


indeed!!..I too would be very interested in a runDown on your skinShader…and maybe a snapShot of your UV layOut?



very good work as usual. if you finish it i am sure it will be the best likeness in this contest.:thumbsup:


very nice indeed, keep us posted dude!

P.S. daca nu-l termini te sparg :smiley:


great feedback from you guyz. Thank you so much for your interest :slight_smile:
Now I’m back with some updates … In the last 2 weeks i was bussy with my job and i had less time to work on the model . So I’ve preffered to focus on rendering and displacement test while i was almost sleeping :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sorry for uploading images in this way but for now i cannot connect to my ftp :smiley:
Binder : i’ll post later some details about skin shader (is the common mray fast skin shader).
Turx: i’m your newest fan :smiley: . you have enough courage to start 2 heads for this contest
Max4ever : Thank you Max !! i’m happy to see an old friend here :wink:

Ps. the metal ornament piceces from the leather chest shield are in a very early stage … so please be gentle with the non horse creatures :smiley: .