HMC 8: John McClane : Bust





First post:

Previous night i've decided to give it a try to model Mr. Willis. (no i don't give up my leonidas model)
 I  usually don't prefer box modeling. This time, without worrying about topology i choose it for basemesh.  Except that low poly basemesh, i've used Zbrush to sculpt the model. It's hard to maintain the proportions in zbrush but i've tried my best =) 
 I'll continue the model after retopologize it.
 Here is the current progress:



wow what a great start :thumbsup:


Yes, its a good likeness already, judging by your portfolio work I’m sure this will turn out great :slight_smile:


thanks for the comments guys =)

i’ve retopologized the mesh and worked on the likeness.
he became a bit old because of the refs i’ve used =)
i’ll make him younger on next update.

here is the current progress:


Hello ,i like a lot your old guy character in your portofolio so i think this Bruce will be a special one pice like that…for the moment i think you could work a little more to the looklike …look good but with all references you can get for a simple normal Bruce Willis expression, you can do better…Good luck!


hmm…somewhere in between the last 2 updates you lost bruce…hope you can find him…lol…keep at it this one should be good


tigertiger, thanks so much for nice words. I’ll try to do my best.

The proportions became a bit off (because of some wrong reference choise) but the main problem of the model is eyes which i couldn’t work much. i’ll work on the likeness some more, before i go with the upper body for the bust.

robo, thanks so much. You are right about losing the likeness. I hope i can make the model look like better when it’s finished.

Here is a small update about proportions, and the wire of the model:


Is looking good for now but you can work more on the eyes (the part that is covering the upper eyelids ) and face shape ( i think the jaw is the first part you can improve).
I’ll keep an eye on your thread to see more updates :slight_smile:


wow…you move veryFast…where do you find the time?!..

anyways…wonderful model…not quite Bruce, but I can see him in yourModel…



hey dude, very good model! i bet your entry will be one of the best ones. keep going :wink:


misu: Thanks Mihai! Love your works! As i look at your old bruce willis model, i see that mine is far away to be bruce yet. I get the points that you wrote, i’ll work more on those areas.

Binder: Thanks mate! I know it’s far away to be Bruce now, but i promise it’ll be at least stunt lookalike of bruce at the end =)

AlperGONEN: Thanks Alper! There are lots of great artists with great entries. I’ll try my best.

Here is the update:


turx, great model! I think you can give a more full, or round quality to some details, to make it more organic, and more young too

I’ll keep an eye on this thread :slight_smile:



man,so close turx! it’s all there, you just have to tease out the likeness some more; so close on every angle. i know you’ll do it! can’t wait to see more



great model ! i think that there is a problem with the eyes. i am not sure but they go out of the face.



Now he’s really coming together!


hey he’s starting to come back now…lol…good work…

and thanks again WhileYouWereArt for that Bruce pic…lol


I think it looks good… it still looks like bruce but the lips I think are a bit off… not sure what it is(maybe it’s the smirk you put in there) it just doesn’t fit him… I thought the lips were good the way they were before… but that’s just me.


Hi all.
Thanks for replies and critiques!

It’s going slowly but i’ll work on it to make the likeness better with the help of the points you’ve mentioned.

Here is an update; not a big one, just made him younger, modelled the rest of the bust and started the hair. Likeness still needs more work (especially the eyelids).

I didn’t work on the topology of body, because his undershirt will cover most of it.

Here is a ~2MB, 360° turnaround quicktime of current stage. (Mpeg4 codec)


this is really really great !:bounce:


Ok ,now looks realy good,you have some skill man!Keep it up,and a larger image if possible…:thumbsup: