HMC 8: Gandalf the grey - bust


well im sorry i didnt post my progress earlier but i wasnt so sure if i wanted to finish this or not. but i think I’ll manage, so heres what i have done so far.
Just simple edge extrusion method for the base mesh, with some geometry adjustments in the 2nd subdivision so that i had the appropriate amounts of geometry in the places that Id need them when i sculpt… then the mudbox version. t’was all modeled from scratch using the film as reference as well as some high rez promotional wallpaper images, and general portraits of ian mckellen. (yay google!) I’ve been working on this in the evenings since monday or so.
obviously the likeness isnt very good yet, but I’ll get there :slight_smile:


oh man - you just ruined my day…this is really good…



Looking great mate. Just be carefull using non LOTR pics of Ian as reference. Remember he had a fake nose on during the films :smiley:


oh dear, should we all give up now… amazing start man :thumbsup:


damn…it’s…gandalf ! :eek:
just amazing !


Hmm it doesn’t look like a fake nose when i look at the pictures above.


Holly molly, u just kicked ass. Looks really good, i can see gandalf in there, great work mate, will keep an eye on this one.


:wise:wakes up…santa?

oh no…just Gandalf…

top work


Great stuff so far, keep it up and you’ll have a great piece!


Lookin’ VERY nice!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…wow :surprised


looks very accurate! nice job!


wow this is one thread to watch, early in the game and already looking very promissing!


The most interesting model until now i can say…a lot of hair …but remain to see how it looks in the end…Good luck!


Hmm it doesn’t look like a fake nose when i look at the pictures above.

Trust me, Ian had a prosphetic nose on for the films :wink:
He already has a big nose in real life, but it wasn’t big enough once he had the fake beard and stuff on so they made it bigger :wink:


wowza! a fake nose! I either forgot or didnt know in the first place so thanks for mentioning. :slight_smile:

heres an update


Holly cow batman, how many polygons he has? i dont think my machine could handle those eyebrows, looks beautifull ( is that zb3 :P?? ) keep it up, its amazing.


This is exceptional work, in my opinion by far the best entry in this challenge so far.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Fantastic mate! You’ve really captured the soul of this one!


This is looking really good