HMC 8: Conan the Barbarian Full Model


Ok, here’s the reference I gathered so far. I will need to rent the dvd to get a better idea of the helmet and some good poses. I think this will be a bit tough for me, since I’ve never modeled a half nude human figure. So here goes nothing.


Do you mean the one he is wearing at the end of the movie during the battle in the ruins? Conan is one of my all time favorite characters (nothing to do with Arnold, but the books, Frazetta, and Savage Sword of Conan). I wish you good luck and I will be watching the progress here closely - who knows, I may even be pickier than oDDity in this one.



I’ve never read the books, but I loved the movie. Mainly I just wanted a character which showed the human form. I’ve never modeled the human figure before and this is a good chance to do so.

The helmet is the double horned one showing on the cover of the dvd.


Spent a couple hours on this. I am SO not used to doing heads from scratch. I had no idea how to approach the head when I started, so I screen grabbed some examples of heads for polyflow ideas. I know I asked about how important polyflow is on this challenge, but then I figured if I’m gonna do this, I might as well try to do it right the first time.

It doesn’t look pretty now, but I figure once the full model is done and I get it into ZBrush, I’ll be much more comfortable in creating a likeness.

I’m still trying to decide if I want to model and sculpt him in the pose, or do it in the standard “T” stance, then rig him for posing. I’m leaning more toward modeling him in the pose. Maybe that way I can get better control of sculpting what the muscles actually look like in that particular pose. Any thoughts on this?


I think its a great start, my only crits were to be that I think Arnold’s jaw is a bit more squarish and defined (refering to the front view). Also I would start to give the loops going acroos the top of the cranium a slight curve, but you may be doing that already. Which reference are you using? There are some great close-up profile shots on the DVD (if you have it). I have seen the movie over a 100 times - LOL.



Looks good so far. His head’s looking a little cubish from the top. You should pull out some of those points on the side so his head appears a little less blocky from above and a bit more spherical. It could produce some weird shadowing.

Here’s a tiny profile shot that I googled. It might make a useful image plane.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I ended up finding a good reference for the side view.

I finished the head then took it into ZBrush and started to move some polys around that way to try and get a closer likeness. It was a bit easier for me. I think it’s good enough for now until I finish the body and pose. Then I’ll go back with ZB to try to nail down the likeness of the whole figure.

Some more screens…


you may want to check this out for reference:


Thanks Mashru, great idea! I totally forgot about that thread. I’ll definately look through it.


A little bit mo’, a little bit mo’…

Another update. Not quite to Arnold’s proportions, but I want to get the basic human form right before inflating him to Arnold’s size.


the upper arm looks abit short but maybe its the perspective


Quick question here I was wondering if you were just using a side profile shot to do the low poly modeling?


No, I was using front, side and perspective views to adjust it. Front and side get the majority of the form, but the perspective view is needed to see the angles of the face better.


K. Finally got the base mesh complete. I’ll go back in ZB and sculpt some better form and proportions to Arnold. Then pose him in Lightwave and export the pose to ZB and sculpt some more. I think that will be the best way to ensure the accuracy of the pose. Now… I just got to figure out what pose to put him in!


It’s hard for me to comment due to lack of skill, but I will give you my personal opinion: The base mesh is looking really great and very clean - I feel that the feet are too small, and maybe the fingers are a bit too lowPoly. I like the fingers to have at least 5 divisions, and the joints split. I am not sure how much the sculpting software will take the final version, but I would think that one would want to define the base mesh a bit more ( I might be jumping the gun nad you may be doing that already though).

Can’t wait to see that sword in cg, one of my all time favorite movie swords…



Thanks, Diaboblos. Oh yeah. I’ll be subdividing this guy a few times and sculpting more detail. In the end, the model will have over 1.5 million polys after sub-Ds and displacement mapping. The fingers should be OK with the initial number of they have.

The feet are definately small right now. It was just 1:00 AM by the time I finished the mesh so I was a bit tired to keep going, so I just posted the update.

Today is where the real fun starts. Sculpting the detail and setting the pose. Then attacking the props.


yeh… another Lightwaver user :thumbsup:
I like the face you made really resembel him . but as I saw the topic in zbrushcentral
there are a lot of expectation a rise from this topic .
good luck in the contest


You know it, Doch! The new nodes in 9 really help with creating nice skin.

Took lunch to put this thing together. The ornamentation is separate from the blade and I’ll take that into ZBrush as well to add some detail.


Some ZBrush work on the torso and head. Resisting the urge to give him a cyber eye!


cool, its really shaping up - I can see Conan.