HMC 8: Blade


Hi everyone! When I saw this challenge I decided to hop in, this is my very first post in here at CGTalk. I’ve been hanging around here at the forums for a while now. There’s so much talented artists here, so I felt a bit scared to post anything earlier.

My choise is: Blade - Wesley Snipes

I will be using blender for modelling him.

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome ot the fold.

Looking forward to youe WIP.



Thanks. I just started to model the face. Here’s the wip, expect an update soon

I used these sites for reference


ok, here’s an update

The eyes was a bit hard to model, because Blade wears sunglasses in most of the reference pictures I used. I’ll find some pictures of Snipes as himself, so I can get the eyes look right. The neck is still a total mess I’ll fix it as well. C&C are welcome


you surely got the likeNess…and very fast too, lol…I don’t have much to say except that I’m going to watch your progress very closely from now on…goodStuff!! :thumbsup:



a little update. I changed the hairstyle to match the hairstyle Blade had in the first movie, and did some other little changes.


a little update. I started to model the upper body. I’ll propably just make a bust, so I modelled the arm that way. The upper body and the neck still needs tons of fixing to make it look right. I also need to clean the mesh a little, but I don’t really like cleaning…so I do it later


Wow, that is looking really great. I will be following this thread as well.



Man, this is looking really good, will keep an eye on this thread, keep going.


nice start and man youre fast. keep it up.


wow, that quite intense work!


nice start and meshflow


Thank you all for the kind words :slight_smile:

I made a little test to see how does he look when the both sides are together.

There’s still lots to do. I’m not sure yet if I should model his eyebrows and facial hair, but I just might do that to see how he’d look then


This is looking great even without textures. What program are you useing?


Thanks, I’m using Blender. I’ll post an update soon as soon as I got some time to do some modelling.


Here’s the update

There’s no subsurf on, and I’m sorry for the colors they look a bit funny.
Started to do the jacket and did the undershirt. I’ll start modelling on the vest he wears in the movie when I got time.


Now I started to work on the skin texture


Wow, this is looking really good. AND it’s really cool you are using blender.


Update on the skin. I still have some problems with the eyebrowns


small update