HMC 8: Alex de Large - Full Body


I’m going to do Malcolm McDowell as Alex de Large from A Clockwork Orange, I’m a huge Stanley Kubrick fan so it was my instant choice


This is the base mesh for the face, first I modeled a very low poly cage, and then I divided once to get rid of the tris and ngons, I will sculpt this in zbrush now


I just started sculpting the head

any comments are welcome


looks like a good start, although to me it looks like the eyes need to be bigger…he appears to have rather large eyes…


Looks great! Really good start. My suggestions for the next stage would be to add some volume to the lips, they seem somewhat more prominent on the reference. The ear membranes seem not quite the same as well. I’d also check the curvature of his cheeks.


this is veryClose man…wonderful job!!!..there are a few verySmall tweaks you can make…here are a few I’ve seen…

this is a very, very good likeNess…



forgot to mention this…but can I see a wireFrame?..and is this all maya?



Thank you all for your comments! I agree with all the suggestions. Unfortunately all my references are in low resolution, with different lenses, and lighting situations, so it’s hard to be accurate.

Binder, this is mudbox + xsi (sorry I said zbrush in the firt post), the wire for the base mesh is already on the thread, thank you for the suggestions!


yeah I saw that…but I wanted to see the wireFrame of your highRez mesh…ah well…:slight_smile: …I totally understand where you’re coming from concerning lowRez pics… ( that’s one of the biggest issues I’m having ) …but you’re doing an excellent job so far…so just keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing and it’ll turn out fine…maybe you can even share a few of the techniques you’re using that seems to help…:slight_smile:



very nice model! you catch the resemblance from the refs really well.


The face looks very good . I cant wait to see the next updates :slight_smile:


hey man!good start,clean model:)


Roberto’s Bullhorn: One week to go! Just an FYI.



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