Hmc #47 - Warrios Of The Zodiac Mouse


I’ve always inspire thought begin small Heroes Zodiac in the big world.

My idea is a Zodiac of: Operational Command Zodiac Ninjas - Mousespot


Well it looks like becoming an evil bastard! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Evil sounds good!

I’m looking for a tool to Mouse climb, barb - sword - night vision.
So to Games whatever…

starting model:


night vision that is cool!


Edit - small update:


not much update, one forgot,
passage of time I do Painting.


Damn nice work Tom


Thanks :slight_smile:

Quick update:
Finish work


Nice work! I like it, that you keep it at a good level thorough the whole competition


Thanks partox, this is Zbrush Pass render but without SSS and Rim render.
I like more renders in realtime. :slight_smile:

Of all SubTool is not worth the many labor expenses.

Zbrush has lost, “Tubtool Merge” to keep “Devide”

  • good for my tablet to Marmoset or Tech4/Doom - one Model one texture.

would be best predestination “suited KeyShot”, unfortunately I have not.